Thoughts on the Shred

Today starts day 4. I’m still doing some of the “easy” moves for Level 1- but I am doing it!

Day 1 for me was nearly impossible. I was actually pretty sure I was going to give up on this. My legs hurt SO bad. I was whiny and tired and felt like my legs were broken. I made my husband literally give me a massage with Bengay. He HATES they way it smells but frankly- I didn’t give a shit.

Day 2 was another painful day. Doing this every day doesn’t really give you time to recover. I spent a lot of that day trying to “walk it off”. I also spent a LOT more time stretching. I won’t say the moves were easier, because you can’t turn into  a pro overnight. The video itself was less daunting. My legs still hurt. I found it odd that ONLY my legs hurt. I began to feel like i wasn’t doing something right.

Day 3 was a little bit better. The stretching the night before clearly helped because my muscles protested a little less. During the moves I would push until I was positive I could not lift my arms for another round. Amazingly my legs didn’t really hurt afterwards. I guess their protest is over? Hopefully! My arms, shoulders and sides are a bit uncomfortable this morning- but nowhere near how bad my legs were.


I’m about to go kick day 4’s ass in a moment.

Confessions: The first day- I didn’t make it through the whole video. The second day I paused it twice because I couldn’t breathe. I also secretly believe Jillian Michael’s is actually a robot made to torture fat people

Also if you want help staying accountable doing this visit at Facebook. We post daily that we’ve completed it! I almost gave up but didn’t want to look like a failure to others. Feel free to join in even at this late time. If you can’t afford the dvd check you tube. they are all on there!

I’m really not sure how I feel about this all. The 30 Day Shred seems like something more for people who are already near goal. It feels a bit like I’m working for results I’m too fat to see yet. I’ve noticed 2 main things with this program- 1. My appetite has decreased. 2. My weight is wonky.

I usually do this in the mornings a few minutes after I wake up. I do this so I can’t chicken out. If I get it done right away I won’t have excuses later.Normally when I wake up I am making a dash to the kitchen. My stomach is like “FEED ME NOOOOWW”. You’ve seen the breakfasts I eat so not worth going into all of that. Now? After I finish the shred, drink some water and resume a non panting breath, I have to REMEMBER to eat.I don’t even want to eat eat any more. I usually end up having a shake and fruit. Those are things I would have normally had in between meals as small fillers. Now it’s become a meal.

My weight is also all OVER the place. This worries me a little. I’m most worried that something in my routine is setting this off. I hope it’s not the whole breakfast change. I haven’t seen 241 since last week. Now my weight keeps bobbing between 222 and 243. I don’t know what the heck is going on. I’m still within 1200 calories, I’m still working out- in fact HARDER and I’m still monitoring everything from carbs to sugars , to sodium intake.

I’m getting discouraged. I feel like I’ve made so many changes and have worked so hard. Nothing seems to be clicking for me. I don’t want to give this up- but DAMN. Maybe it’s time to give it up and see a doctor. I’ve had my thyroid checked in the past but I just feel like something is pushing me back.


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