Oopa Ghetto Style

First: MOnday Weigh In.


Today: 242

Last Week: 241.5

I’m so bloated right now. Plus last week’s road food ruined me. Keep truckin.

Which makes my next realization make NO sense. All my clothes are getting too big. I’m not seeing scale results but I’m seeing my clothes get baggy. I can wear old bras I haven’t fit into in 3 years. I had to buy camis because a lot of my cuter fat people shirts are hanging so much my bbs pop out! And the kicker? I had to ghetto pin my workout capris this morning. They kept sliding off while I did my 3rd day of the 30 Day Shred. Seriously.


It’s hard to tell from my awkward angle, but I grabbed both sides and folded them over each other. So the pin is going through 4 layers of fabric, about 7 inches opf material folded over on itself. I measured the areas I pulled together. Also, no I do not have oddly tiny feet. Weird angle!


Got my shred done for the day. I’m making plans to walk to the grocery to get fajita makings for tonight. This will be my first trip : 1. Going all the way there by myself, by foot. 2. Going there and coming back with bags. I’m already pooped from the shred so this should be interesting!

More later!


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