Beautiful Sunday

Today was gorgeous. It was a much needed break from rain and gloom!

We spent the day running errands and then went to the air show at a small air port near us! It was pretty fun. My Poppy was in the Air Force and worked at various airlines as a mechanic for a large portion of my life. Air shows were something we did with my Mom on free weekends!



My day with food was SO odd. For the past week or so I have been hungry non stop. It didn’t matter if I ate my many smaller meals or 3 large ones. I was just wanting to eat- fruit, veggies, you name it. On top of the hunger I have been horribly nauseas! Try being hungry and sick to your stomach at the same time. I don’t know what the hell that was about! Today I was so NOT hungry. I actually had to force myself to eat! Or at least remind myself! I was still feeling on and off sick to my stomach. That’s a weird issue. I’m going to attribute it to PMS.. I should be due for my period soon, I think.

Anyway, Food!

Breakfast: Protein shake-  3/4 Coconut Almond Milk + EAS Whey Protein 1 Scoop + 1/3 cup 2 % Milk + 24 oz water

Lunch: Spring Greens + grilled chicken 2 oz. + balsamic vinaigrette + chopped bell peppers + 24 oz water + Xochitl Blue Corn Chips- low sodium 5

Dinner: Don’t judge me here! We spent a longer time out than expected and didn’t have anything pulled out of the freezer to quick make.

Arby’s meat no bun + side salad + 1/4 balsamic dressing + 20 oz water


Snacks: Annie’s sea salted popcorn 1/2 cup, Froyo + strawberries + mint tea

My SIL wondered why I didn’t just get the new market fresh turkey and chicken sandwiches at Arby’s. The Pecan Chicken Sandwich is almost a 1000 calories and over 1000 mg salt. The meal pictures above? 223 calories and about 700 mg sodium. Higher sodium than I would like- but way better otherwise.


Exercise was.. tiring.

Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred done. I may string it out longer than 30 days depending on my ability to actually complete it all properly.

45 minutes of walking at about 3 miles per hour. The air strip was pretty big and we were moving non stop- climbing stairs, walking fields- a lot.

I feel so tired. My legs are totally stressed out. My arms feel twinges of pain, but man, my legs! I want results!!!!

I feel like I had so much more to share during my day! I need to start taking notes!

oh! I got new glasses! During the wedding I went “glasses jousting”. Meaning that someone went in for a too tight hug and we smashed glasses. Banging and straining against their hard plastic frames caused my dainty frames to break! It actually broke one of my hinges so my glasses would only sit crooked! I hate that! Mine were still under warranty so I dropped in to see. They had  discontinued my frames! I was a little panicked. Turns out they had a spare set right in store! Instead of having to wait, she fixed the new ones up right then and there! WIN!

Tomorrow is Weigh In Monday. I’m a little pensive about this week. As you know, half of last week was spent eating on the road. add in PMS and I’m not hopeful. We’ll see!


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