Crash into it Real Hard!

I’ve been such a downer lately! I really needed the chuckle I got this afternoon!

After another unsuccessful walk I decided to try some yoga. I was feeling pretty stressed with my issue, but I needed something!I was able to do a decent 30 minute session! I don’t feel like a total putz now!

I’d just finished my yoga when I was sitting on the edge of my bed fiddling with our fan. My SIL thought it was nice enough to open the window.. even though it was ready to rain. As I was sitting there I saw a FedEx truck pull up pretty fast. A few seconds later I saw the same truck reversing down the road. I figured maybe he’d missed the house he was looking for. Our street is a loops so people miss things! Only one problem. As I watched the van reversing I suddenly saw the DRIVER chasing after it. I heard a loud boom and the driver exclaiming that he’d forgotten to put it in park! He hit our neighbor’s car! Luckily there was almost no damage so he got the owner and then went on his way. I laughed so hard. That’d one of those deals you only see in the movies!


Food for thought:

Breakfast: Egg substitute + 4 oz mixed fruit + 1 teaspoon chobani + 1/2 skinny sandwich bread

Snack: guacamole + sodium free  blue corn chips

Lunch: Large-ish salad of spring greens + chopped bell pepper + grilled chicken + broccoli + balsamic vinegar

Dinner: side salad w/ balsamic + hamburger patty with jalapeños + 1  potato skin

I drank about 60 oz of water so far today.


Let’s talk goals!

I need to tighten down on my portions. Pretty badly actually. I also need to work on less carbs and sugars! It’s so hard!

I will hopefully resume my full exercise load once the ankle heals up. If it does not get better I will have to see a doctor. YUCKKKK.

I am only 1 lb away from my 240 goal! God that’s suck a hideous number! If I ever hit onderland I’m going to throw a party ya’ll!


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