30 Day Shred- Why God, Why?

And so it begins.

I jumped on the shred wagon. I haven’t been feeling productive lately so I figured what the hey!


I thought I was getting slightly in shape? NOT EVEN CLOSE.

By minute 5 I was a sweating pathetic shaking mess. Holy hell. I don’t care what she says. I had to pause the video twice because I was positive that I was going to keel over. 10 minutes after I am pouring sweat still and my heart is still racing. This shit isn’t for jokers. She needs to make a level 0 video for people like me. We can all sit on the floor and talk about how one day our bodies might handle this.

Jillian Micheals turned me from this

Image into Image

I’m not a cute work out girl. I get red and blotchy and ugly as sin. I also tend to look fatter? This shit made me sweat so much that I collapsed on my bed and made a body imprint. EW. Now I have to wash the damn sheets when I can move my arms and legs again. Maybe I’ll make it to the shower someday.

I’m gunna go take a nap. I’m so pathetic.


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