Behold the Clumsy Woman

I swear, today was an epic fail in the exercise department! First I strained a tendon in my right ankle. Then it finally got sunny out, so I walked. A few minutes into my walk I got attacked by a large gust of wind and a trash can. For real. People, secure your empty trash cans! It flew into me, I stumbled, my left ankle (not the one I’d hurt!) twisted and gave out so that I went down on my right knee. Pain for the win.

It took me a lot of limping, biting my lip and pushing to keep going. I had no way of getting back to the house otherwise. So, I limped a mile and a half. It took me 25 minutes. Holy buckets, I thought I would NEVER get home! I moved at a freaking snails pace. Hell, snails were passing me!

I managed the 25 minute walk, 25 minutes of Zumba, a quick 10 of callisthenics & weights mixed and the stuff around the house.

Today was NOT my day. I’m going to focus on some activity off my feet tomorrow. Any ideas?!


Food was decent today! I decided to use my pathetic time to prepare some dressings for the week. I love salad but I hate them dry. Finding things that are yummy and not horrible can be a PAIN! While we were away I found these cute little containers that I thought would be cute to use! They were only $2 at CVS for an 8 pack!


I made:

Dill Dip: Chobani + light Mayo + dried dill + onion & garlic powders

Apricot Ginger Dressing: sugar free apricot preserves + red wine vinegar + olive oil + ginger

Balsamic vinaigrette: balsamic vinegar + coconut oil + natural peanut butter

Herbed Oil & Vinegar: Red wine vinegar + olive oil + basil, oregano, rosemary


Breakfast: Egg whites + sun dried tomatoes + 1/2 skinny sandwich break + 5 oz fruit


Lunch: Plain ol’ salad

Snack: 1 1/2 teaspoon dill dip + fresh guacamole + 4 natural blue corn chips broken


Dinner: “Blackened” catfish + 1/2 cup creamy shells + 1 cup mixed veggies


I really need to go shopping. When we got back I knew I would need a few things at least. It turns out I’m working with bare bones until we cash pay checks and get groceries this weekend. I have no clue when that will be. Hubster has to work Friday AND Saturday. We need the money with all the missed days, but sheesh! I have a million things I need to buy! Even tonight’s meal was slap dash.

I really need some new meal ideas!


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