Emergency Weigh In & Ankle issues

As you should know, I was out of town and on the road on weigh in Monday this week.

I ate so badly and got little exercise other than walking on my trip so I was going to put it off until next Monday. Skip a week and all that. I realized I couldn’t make myself do it though, so I’m calling an emergency session this afternoon!

I should say before hand that I expected some really bad results with this. I have come fully prepared to accept responsibility to giving in to some excuses on this trip, so let’s get to it!

This Week: 241.5

Last week: 241

Total gained: 1/2 lb

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was expecting to see some horrible gain. When only a half lb difference popped up, I tried again. I weighed myself 6 times. It hit the same number EVERY time! Hoorah! Okay, actually, once it dropped to 240.5 but I ignored that as a fluke. I’m so happy. A half lb in the wrong direction is a bummer- but i fully expected to have gained at least 5 lbs!

This next section may be a little bit TMI for some folks so feel free to skip to my exercise issue below!

I always weigh myself when I wake up in the AM. Usually around 8 or so. Always before I eat and usually after I’ve hit the potty! One thing I hate about travelling is the potty. When I was a kid I had some issues with my kidneys and stomach so one way other the other I was almost always aware of where a potty was around me. I think this caused some issue with me where my body now refuses to accept public restrooms. WTH!? This trip was NO exception. I ended up feeling bloated and dumpy the whole time. Suckfest.

Well, that’s when I wasn’t praying to the porcelain gods. I have a major sickfest flare up this trip. I don’t know what the heck is wrong other than deviation from my routine and dietary changes. I have been so sick to my stomach! SO bad even that I got sick in not one but TWO public places. How embarrassing!

Anywho.. proceed!


I got right back into my fitness this morning. I had planned a morning walk but the sky had looks so awful! I’m pretty nervous to leave the house when it gets dark and windy. It’s splattered a bit on and off, there has even been some thunder. Home it is!

I spent some time reorganizing our room this morning. I consider this exercise because I had to lift giant loads of laundry, move boxes and spent half the time squatting and standing up again.

Not wanting to be a total slacker I decided on Zumba today. It was supposed to be yoga but I will save that for later when I’m a bit calmer!

I had an odd Zumba issue today. I have a few short (4min) videos I like to do a few times or to mix in together when I can’t make up my mind. It helps that I can switch from hip hop to Latin to Bollywood style in the blink of an eye. I was in the middle of my routine when I heard a SNAP from my ankle. Like a tendon tearing. I got a little freaked out. My ankle immediately started to hurt and I had to stop. I waited a bit and put my feet up. Probed around and didn’t feel any pain, so I got back to work. I haven’t had the issue before or since. After I finished 25 minutes my ankle looked a bit swollen. I’ve been icing it a bit while posting.

What is up with that?! Have you had any ankle or tendon issues from exercise? I broke my ankle years ago playing soccer but this was the other ankle so it shouldn’t be from any old issues. I don’t know, but It sucks!

More later on getting back into the swing of things!


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