We have finally returned / actually slept!

The wedding was beautiful, the drive LONG and my habits.. well they were pretty bad.

I realized SO many things while we were gone. Today is a staring over point for me. I’m sure I’ll be writing a lot about the trip in my next few posts I had SO many things I wanted to tell you and share while we were gone. We had no internet other than whatever was on our phones. so posting was next to impossible.

The ride itself was super long. I started out with the best of intentions on the way down. We packed all sorts of decent travel food, but come dinner time I was starving and cranky for some real food. I walked up to a rest stop place fully intending to order a salad. Somehow “I’ll have a cheeseburger” popped out of my mouth. WHAT?! BY the time we’d received our food and found a table I was walking like this was my last meal before my hanging. Hubster took action and ordered me a salad elsewhere.

I learned a lot about myself and food on this trip.

1. My body hates processed crap food now. I spent a good portion of this trip fighting heartburn and mega nausea- Some things I have not had an issue with since I started trying to be more healthy.

2. I have NO willpower at all. If it was placed in front of me. I wanted it.

It was really hard for me to find decent healthy and AFFORDABLE options while we were gone. Our first night we went to a Chinese place (ugh) I ended up getting hibachi veggies and chicken with no sauce.. BORING. The second night we went to a seafood place. 99% of their menu was fried. I ended up getting lobster stuffed sole, with summer squash and zucchini. Lunch the next day was lobster bisque and a side salad.

Rhode Island hates veggies. Or at least I found them hard to find! I had to specifically ask in each place for a veggie option! Some places had to specially make something. It was SO weird. We went to this cute little spot for lunch on Sunday before the wedding and I was shocked by the prices and selections. A plain salad with grilled chicken was over $15, but a pasta dish or burger was less than $10. The math didn’t make ANY sense to me. Even my side salad was a dollar more than a crock of soup.

As you can imagine- my eating went to hell on this trip. I was so incredibly disappointed in myself. However, at the same time, it was SO hard to find anything that wasn’t loaded down with bad stuff. This was not a healthy trip for me. I don’t even want to weigh myself right now.

Exercise? I tried.

SO many excuses on this trip.

It rained every day except the days we were on the road. Walking in 43 degree weather in the rain was SO n ot happening. I had brought my lap top to do my videos- no internet anywhere. That left me weights and walking in between down pours. I only got about 30 minutes of weight training and about 10 miles in total for the whole thing. Not my best  but I tried. Oh.. and I danced!

Can I just say- Zumba does NOT prepare you for a boogie session. I danced, and danced and dan.. you get the idea. The wedding had a decent band and I logged about 2 hours on the dance floor!


I have to find the few pictures I took! I will hopefully share more stores and what not from the trip! I’m coming back strong guys. I can’t let this week get me down!

I will do an emergency weigh in tomorrow. Try not to yell at me too much!


One thought on “I’m BACCCCKKKK

  1. I no longer respond well to processed food anymore either, which I think means that we are much healthier now! You sound like you did great staying on track, even just making the effort to pick healthy dining out choices can be so hard. Great job!!

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