Minnesota, I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane…

Actually I’m leaving via car, but whatever, right?!

Hubster and I are leaving for PA tomorrow morning. From there we are going to RI for my cousin’s wedding! It’s going to be a long week! I’m excited, nervous and stressed. I am really looking forward to some time alone with Hubster!

I wanted to say a few things before I go:

1. I’m not sure how often I will be able to update my blog while we are gone. Internet will be sparse and time limited. I will be sure to update at least a few times while we are gone. They might just not be as ramble-y as my normal stuff. Tough break, huh?

2. I PROMISE to stay healthy while we are gone. We shopped this afternoon for food to tote in the car! We ended up grabbing plums, pears, sliced roasted chicken and turkey, cheese sticks and a huge case of water! I also got some Chobani Greek Yogurt! Yum! If we make stops I’m hoping to find some yummy salad. I ordered Salmon and roasted veggies for my cousins wedding!

3. I PROMISE to stay active. I’ve already done some research on the walking trails in the areas we will be! We will have several hours the day we check in and before the wedding to go exploring. Our hotel also has a huge field in front of it. I’m bookmarking a whole bunch of yoga and zumba videos to use if I can find internet!


Also, I wanted to toss something out there for Minnesota folks. If you happen to live near the cities… I noticed in a local magazine recently that there is a beginners yoga class offered at Yoga Center of MPLS! They are offering a 4 week absolute beginners program teaching you the moves and how to breath and what not. They are running all summer long it seems! My MIL showed me the ad! And guess what?! It’s only $50!- $45 if you use the promo code ( stribABC). They also offer normal classes as well as what they call Big A#$ Yoga for us big gals. MIL and I are deciding on a day to sign up!

I’m excited about this. The classes are about an hour and run in the early afternoon or later evenings. If you happen to be from the area and decide to sign up you will have to let me know! I hope we get to do this! I told Hubster he could take bass lessons again if I could do this! Woo!

I will miss you all while we are gone! Stay strong and stick to those goals! Much love!




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