Life Begins at The End of Your Comfort Zone


I swear I will never secretly mock yoga lovers again.

Yesterday was Yoga Tuesday. I decided to give it another try! I’ve familiarized myself with some of the moves and modifications for people my size. I made it through 35 minutes yesterday. I stopped mostly because I ran out of room to do some of the moves. This is an increasingly frustrating issue for me. The only space with enough room for me to do a lot of things that require much movement is the living room. The biggest issue there is that the TV is ALWAYS on. ALWAYS. So I can’t play music for zumba or videos that have sound. Also it would leave me dead center in front of the TV so that would cause a lot of complaining. I can’t wait till some crap is handled and we can have out own space. I really hope we have some money left from this trip so I can add it to the “Buy all the things for the homes” fund I have.

Anyway, rambling aside. I did yoga. I’ve noticed that much like Pilates I often feel pretty tired after a session. Nothing really hurts but I feel a general soreness all over. I made it double the time that I did last week and I did 30 minutes of Zumba and 25 minutes of cleaning that involved lifting, moving, and going from my hands and knees a lot.

I had something really strange happen.

I think I shook a kidney stone loose. Swear to god. I’ve had roughly 15 stones in my life, at least 15 that required treatment. I know what a stone feels like. About 20 minutes after I finished my Yoga I had the WORST pain in my left side and back around my kidney area. As time went on it moved towards my bladder zone, like most stone pain does. Normally they move pretty fast so this one must have been a tiny one moving at warp speed. It was so painful but I refused to go to the hospital when I knew it would be over soon. Chugged tons of water and cranberry juice and curled up on a heating pad. It was NOT a good night,

When I woke up this morning I was SO sore in places I didn’t even know I had worked enough to take notice. Oddly my hamstrings, shoulders and areas around the rib cage feel like I spent 5 hours at the gym. Owwwwwie. No time to sit around al whine though!

I have to finish packing today and getting our travel food. Hubster is home from work today. The night before last he did something we’ve all done: stubbed his toe. Only it turns out he not only stubbed it, but ripped his toenail 3/4 of the way off.. Like a hinge. Apparently he hadn’t realized it was creepy long so it snagged and bled, a LOT. We bandaged it and figured that was that. In the morning yesterday, it was so painful he actually could not get a shoe on. He was hobbling like he broke his foot. Between the pain and the gauze, it didn’t help that the toe itself had swelled. His boss made him go to a clinic to check it out. Luckily nothing was broken, except the nail. The numbed it up, trimmed things down and wrapped it up in what we deemed ” the toe bra”. He was told to stay off his foot because of the swelling and the issue with it wanting to bleed a ton. So he spent yesterday home, today same deal. Next pay is going to be AWFUL. sigh.

I should be doing the millions of things I said I needed to do.


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