Weigh In Monday: It’s getting there!

Happy Weigh In Monday!

It finally looks pretty outside after a long rainy weekend! I’m so glad because I have SO much to do! Mountains of laundry, organizing, packing, shopping for road snacks!

First off! Weigh in!

Today: 241

Last week: 242.5

Down 1.5 lbs!

I’m really glad this is the second week I’ve seen results! I was getting a little worried for a while! I am noticing that I’m gaining muscle in my legs and arms. My abs and sides are even feeling a little tighter. I’m still sloshed in flab though. Sometimes I wish I could make a deal with the devil. Make me skinny and healthy NOW and I’ll work it off for a set amount of time afterwards. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’m abou 7 lbs lighter than I was when I bought my two dresses for the wedding. Hmmmm

I’ve  been busting it the past few days. I even tried harder on me weekend meals. One of the things I’m still dealing with is hunger. I eat roughly 1300 cal a day and usually don’t burn more than 500. I’m eating smaller meals usually 2 hours apart. I’ve actually heard me stomach rumble. I swear to god, I haven’t heard that sound since the days of high school when I never had time to eat. Speaking of which, I’m super behind on getting my breakfast started! I had a few things to deal with this morning and over an hour has flown by! Oops!

The next three days are going to have me busy. I need to get in my normal exercise and then get ready to leave. I swear I over prepare sometimes! If I didn’t use my suitcase as winter storage I would totally already be packed. I hate not knowing where all my things are and I am totally ready to go. I also don’t want to wear any of my nice new things until I can show them off. I’m weird like that!

I decided on some road snacks. I figure I can grab a basic salad at most fast food and road stops. As long as I don’t have all the dressing and other crap they offer! I’m also bringing tons of fruit in bulk, slicked turkey breast and low fat cheese sticks for roll ups, some raw nuts, and dried fruit. I pack like I’m leaving for a month when we will only be gone a week. But, I know my hubster could eat all that on his own. He has a never ending stomach! I also know we will be staying at my dad’s one night and in a motel 2 nights. My dad doesn’t really get healthy eating. His idea of healthy is arroz con pollo or only having bacon instead of bacon AND sausage. The last time we stayed there I had to restock his fridge. I am totally bringing him some recipes I use and also I bought him this neat diabetic cookbook. It has you set up weekly meal plans by choosing one item from each set of lists, then offers the easy recipes in the back and breaks it down by serving, cost, and nutritional value. He just revealed he is a diabetic so it’s important for me to give him even a smidgen of help. I’ll be glad when his GF finally moves in with him!

Anywho, things to do! Hope you all are having a beautiful Monday!


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