Yoga for Dummies

I’ve been looking to expand my workouts to more things I can do at home. One of the virtual groups I am apart of does swap days of Zumba and Yoga. I usually skip the yoga days because I was not sure if it was something I wanted to do.

See, I have this memory from the one yoga class I went to. My old high school pal April was taking a beginners class and did not want to go alone the first time, so she invited me. I was so ill prepared for this class. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. A good portion of it was pretty easy to understand. There was a lot my body was just unable to do. I was not flexible enough. At one pose the instructor came around to gauge our core strength. I was dreading her coming over to me. She poked me with a finger and I toppled like a felled tree. BOOM. Splat. How horrible! I never went back because my resolve was not that strong.

Cue to today. On days when It’s yucky out for walking and I’ve Zumba danced myself to death, I wanted something else. My sister who has a lot of health issues loves yoga. She switches between yoga and Zumba as well. I finally decided it was time to conquer my fears! I found this video: Yoga for Dummies. I have NO idea if it’s actually a good video or not (so if you do yoga CHIME IN) What I learned? I’ve even more inflexible than I was before. I’m really ashamed to admit this was hard for me.  Walking and Zumba have become routine- yoga on the other hand did not physically have my panting, but man did my body feel tired. Practice makes… passable? We’ll see!


I didn’t do badly on my food plan today, I just got my time tables all messed up! Because of the rain and my poor sleeping schedule as of late, I slept in an extra hour! Breakfast was a normal affair. I introduced hubster to my breakfast routine. He claims he was still hungry. Ohhh well! We had a million errands to run. He needed new pants for his suit because his weight has changed in the 3 years since we bought it. I swear even getting him into his suit is a hassle. MEN!

It took WAY longer to get pants than we had expected. Dudes skip Men’s Warehouse, JCPenny and Sears if you are looking for a qucik affordable suit (this is for those who don’t wear them a lot, or don’t have an Armani suit fetish) Run to Kohl’s! I usuall avoid Kohl’s like the plague because there Plus Sized section is non-existent! The men’s suit section in ours was at first a bust. Hubster tends to glance, see nothing and throws a fit. We ended up getting him a really nice paid of pants that matched his existing jacket and vest!- Almost spot on! They were $60- which was already way cheaper than anywhere else. When we got to the counter they rang up as $29! Woooo! SALE! We struck out on a tie. Can’t win em’ all!

The next few hours were a rush of finding a dry cleaner that didn’t need a week to clean or was actually open. We discovered many cleaners in our area ship them out to other locations! We found a place that not only promised it by Tuesday- they delivered. Hallelujah! BY this point I was well beyond when I’ve normally had my lunch and shake for the day. I’d already gotten in a mile from walking around a million stores and pacing the aisles while he tried things on. We decided to hit up a little pub that we’d heard about. To our shock it had shut down! We tried the place across the street- they wanted $12 for a glass of cider. Hells naw! We went to like 2 other places and failed. We ended up going to Texas Roadhouse.

I ordered a grilled chicken salad sans croutons, tomatoes and cheese. I removed as much of the bacon when I realized there was some. Their salads are HUGE!


This was before I pulled off all the bad stuff. For some reason my chicken looks purple in this picture.. ODD. I wasted so many plates eating this. I used an appetizer plate to hold all my removals and another to dish out about a third of what was here. I asked for no salt added. The biggest annoyance with this salad was the lack of healthy dressings. They didn’t have oil and vinegar- or my waiter was dumb.I ordered a low fat ranch and used my fork to drizzle a tiny bit on the salad because i abhor dry salad! I left the dressing behind, but I have enough left over for dinner tonight and more than likely lunch tomorrow! Win!

And we stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home. It’s an obsession right now,. I love the skinny vanilla and added some caramel pretzel low fat flavor that made it taste like crème brulee! Yummmsville. Topped it off with fresh raspberries and blueberries.

I’m still way under my calories for the day so I may whip up come oil and vinegar and eat a bit more salad for a late dinner! I’m so behind! With all this I am trying very hard not to let myself get overwhelmed by getting ready to leave. SO hard!


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