Eating Out

Friday tends to be our eating out night. Hubster occasionally has to work overtime on Friday morning, so we usually have a lot to get done later on and no time to cook.

We’ve been struggling to find places that are A. Affordable, B. Healthy and C. Close to home. It’s so hard to find all 3 things. They’ve been closing down roads around here and essentially blocking us in! We decided to try one of these Mongolian Grill type places.

I was actually really pleased with this. Hubster could eat us out of house and home, so any place that you can pay a flat fee is perfect for me. There were lots of yummy options. If you’ve never been to a place like this, they have meats, seafood, noodles and tons of veggies. You grab a small bowl and fill it up with whatever you like. Depending on the place you go the sauce station can be different. We’ve been to one that offered ideas, another place served the sauce for you and another just dumped it in a second bowl. When you are done filling up you take it up to a counter and they cook it all right in front of you.

I liked this for a number of reasons: 1. I could see EXACTLY what was going into cooking my food. 2. I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and only what I wanted without begging for substitutions or omissions. And 3. I could portion control.

I avoided the noodles and rices completely. I did eat a lot of other things though , mehhh. I sort of lost my mind. My first bowl I filled up with veggies! I had broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, and bok choy. I added a little chicken to this one. Usually sauces are a scary thing. You never know what kind of horrible crap they have in them. This place offered something interesting. They had the normal teriyaki and spicy sauces. They also offered things like ginger water, and crushed garlic in water and cooking wine. I used a little ginger water, tons of garlic and very very little of anything else. They also had crushed red pepper so I gave that a go for spice and flavor. I admit I had 2 more bowls. The day started out weird and hubster ended up working longer than expected so my meals got totally messed up for the day. I was a mess. I never fully filled the bowl they gave me when I went up. And 90% of it was veggies! I  stuck to chicken and they also had seafood so I went that route as well. I also made an effort not to finish my plate. I figure that was pretty easy as you were given chopsticks. I’m an epic fail at chopsticks! Have you ever tried to pick up alfalfa sprouts with chopsticks?! I think it took me over an hour to eat!



I wish I had actually taken a clear shot of my plate. I don’t think they liked me taking pictures at all so I just snapped a fast one! This was the size of all meals I took. You can’t tell but it’s 1/4 the size of the plate they dish up the cooked goods on. I tried lamb, baby carrot, broccoli, zucchini, sprouts, water chestnuts. I flavored  this with ginger, garlic and a splash of cooking wine. They used water to steam cook it all on the hot griddle.

Exercise for the day was a bit of all over the place!

I woke up to a pouring rainy, thundery day. YUCK. It’s the same way this morning too! Sad face! I don’t think I realized how much I was enjoying my walks until I got stuck inside. I considered going out anyway but it didn’t feel safe.

Instead I did:

10 minutes high intensity Zumba

10 Minutes weight training

30 minutes walking

When I saw the weather I decided to bust out my weights. I’ve been following some tutorials on weights when I do my  weight days. One of the reasons is that it has been a really long time since I did any training at all. I want to make sure I am doing something properly, so as not to hurt myself. I found this nice video to tone up your arms. It’s a pretty quick 3 minute routine. She usually likes you to do her workout for 3 reps of ten. I usually never make it past 1.5 reps before I can barely lift my arms. I pushed myself yesterday and made it through all three. It probably took me longer than 10 minutes to do, but I DID IT! My husband came home just as I finished. I was pretty positive I would never have use of my arms again. Poor jelly filled wings. When we go out I like to turn my pedometer on. One reason is that I never stand still! We have a habit of strolling through the malls or shopping centers. He has a few stores he loves to visit. They don’t hold much interest for me usually. I used to sit on a chair until he finished, now I go walking. Sometimes I walk the neighborhood around the stores, sometimes I will power walk back and forth under the covered awnings. Yesterday I did the awning walk. I used the “walk a pole, run a pole” method. Only I walked an awning, speed walked the next one. Back and forth. Anything to keep me moving. When we go to big box stores, I make sure we lap the entire place a time or two as well. I’m so weird. I’m going to employ these methods while we are on the road next week. We are driving so walking time will be limited. I am brining my videos, weights and resistance bands though..and of course my running shoes! We are supposed to be right on the water at our motel, along a canal so I al hoping to walk that if weather permits.

We leave next Thursday , I am unsure of how often, if at all we will get to post. We’ll see I guess. Happy weekend y’all!


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