Mid May: 5 miles of steps

We’ve made it to the middle of May! Yay!!

Yesterday was such a hard day for me. After I wrote that post about staying in control of my emotional eating, I literally fell off the wagon. Then I ate the wagon. I was SO disappointed in myself. But here’s the thing. I ate things I shouldn’t have- I didn’t go out of control. I was so stressed after my meeting or really during it, that I immediately wanted a drink. I haven’t actually drank in… well I don’t even know how long. I used to drink preety heavily. Now I may have one drink every.. 3 months? If that.We stopped at an old fatty haunt and I ended up not drinking those calories. I ordered a jalapeño burger- sans condiments, bacon and bun. I did eat a few tater tots and a potato skin. I didn’t eat ALL of them. In fact I actually took another plate and dropped all my removals on it. It could have been worse I guess.

Today I am beyond tired. I woke up feeling ill from all the crap I had ingested. I think this motivated me to pump up my exercise. I walked 5 miles today. I got my 10,000 steps in!!!!! Holy cow!!! I remember when I complained over slug pacing a half mile walk. I decided to walk to one of the local stores. I got 3/4 of the way there when my bladder decided to throw a fit. I was stranded in a suburban neighbourhood and I had to PEE. I literally speed walked home holding my knees together. How embarrassing! I wasn’t happy with my first walk so I went ahead and got in a second one that made my total for today 5 miles, 10,683 steps. I have never actually reached my 10k goal so I was super excited. It was also Zumba day so I got in 25 minutes of Zumba and a quick 5 minute arm weight routine. I feel tired and sore and happy.

Food was MUCH more under control today!

Breakfast: egg whites + 2% Fit and Active Cheddar + 1/2 light Swiss Laughing Cow Wedge + 1/2 Skinny Multi Grain Sandwich bun + 3 oz fresh mixed fruit


Lunch: salad + 1/4 cup bean sprouts + 1/4 cup raw broccoli + 1 tablespoon mixed reduced fat cheeses + 1 Tablespoon Balsamic Vinaigrette + 2 oz shredded chicken tender steamed


Snack: Banana Oatmeal “cookies” ( 1 medium banana + 1/2 cup oats- baked)


Dinner: Fusi Heart Healthy Vegetable stir fry 1 cup + 2 oz steamed top sirloin + 1/4 cup steamed white rice + 3 oz. Mandarin Orange Chicken – only using half the sauce over the entire dish


I also had a 1/2 cup Rice Chex and my normal daily shake. Overall it was not a bad day. I’ve downed about 115 oz of water today. I’ve been mixing up my water with lemon, cucumber and watermelon.

Oh man I am pooped today. Time for sleep!


Oh by the way! Does anyone have any ways to reduce water weight? Beyond eating all the gross things yesterday, It’s been humid. When it is humid I tend to bloat up like a balloon. My hands and bell have been feeling super bloated. I’ve been drinking massive amounts of water. but I still feel yucky. Any tips?


2 thoughts on “Mid May: 5 miles of steps

  1. I know it seems silly, but keep drinking water. Let your body know that it doesn’t have to hoard extra because you’ll be quenching its thirst a lot throughout the day

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