Eat Some Chips, then go Walk the Plank

Something magical happened today. My MIL had been talking about this t-shirt dress she had seen in a store. She thought it was adorable and thought it might be fun to try to make something similar. The original dress was a tank top dress and none of us want to show our flapping wings! I suggested she take a picture of it as a reference. She ended up buying one. It was a L/XL. Just a normal sized item in a gift shop, not something plus sized. She suggested I try it on, maybe it would fit. I scoffed. I haven’t worn anything less than an actual plus sized 1 or 2x in years! I decided what the hell, I’d give it a try and see how far away I am from something like this. It FIT. I’m pretty positive it didn’t fit the way it was supposed to, but I got it on my body and didn’t stretch it out to full capacity. IT FIT, IT FIT!!!! It was a little more snug than something I’m used to so I would wait for a bit more weight off. Even better, it had this cute ruffled bottom that hid my pooch so I didn’t look like a total lumpy blob. Exciting times!


Food was the norm today. I took pictures But I don’t really feel the need to post them this time around. It was a lot of the same old and some of the pictures came out wrong!

Breakfast: Egg whites + mini sweet peppers + 3/4 tablespoon guacamole instead of cheese + 1/2 apple + 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Lunch: Mixed greens + 1/4 cup leftover stir fry veggies + 3/4 tablespoon balsamic

Dinner: Slow cooked pork loin + small salad + mixed vegetables

Snack: 6 baby carrots + 1 tablespoon + 20 sweet potato “chips”


This is the second time I have made these “chips”. They are SUPER simple. I had found this recipe ages ago and written it down in my things to try. I never did until I stumbled upon  Happy Chomp. Bing! I remembered these and decided to give them a go.

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a sweet potato, cooking spray, parchment paper and salt. There’s a whole recipe included with pictures on their blog. I’ll give my thoughts and steps that I used. I varied a bit from the Happy Chomp Recipe.

Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit in your microwave. I didn’t have parchment paper, so I tried it with freezer paper. I think this may have messed mine up a bit. Using a mandolin or a steady hand and knife, evenly slice your sweet potato into thin slices. I opted to leave the skin on and used a knife. I didn’t have a mandolin either :/ . Place your slices on the parchment paper and lightly spray with cooking spray. Again, I didn’t have that either so I ghettoed this a bit. I lightly greased my palm with olive oil and slapped each one. Lightly dust with sea salt if wanted.

Place parchment in microwave and cook on High for 2:30. This was the time they used. I had to use 3 minutes for mine. It depends on the power of your microwave, the thinness of the slices and if you didn’t get all ghetto like I did. You want them to just slightly start to get golden brown. Too much brown means burnt, so be careful!!

Overall: The thinly sliced ones came out awesome and crispy. The slightly thicker ones took on a uniqueness all their own. They became crispy with a slightly chewy center. I actually enjoyed these! The took that bad for you chip craving and solved it. Next time I would absolutely mke sure I had the right things to make these. The freezer paper held water instead of letting the chips dry properly. I give this a A for idea, B- for my own execution.


Exercise was a little all over the place today.I got in 40 minutes of walking, 10 minutes of lunges, squats, calf raises and crunches, 10 minutes of weights and a quick intense 10 minutes of Zumba.

I also tried planking today. HAHAHAHAHA. I am a plank failure. I managed to do 3 for: 13 seconds, 23 seconds and 30 seconds. My abs were so unhappy with me! I shook  like a bowl of fat jelly. It was one of those moments I was glad I was alone. I will beat you yet evil planks!!!

Image yuuup


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      I felt a little strange emailing as I was unsure if this was a true post or spam. Sorry I’m still new to this whole thing- SO if you actually DO want me to email.. uhh… reply? HAHA thansk!


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