Monday: Goal kicking

Monday was a good day! My weight was down from last week- even better- I didn’t gain any over the weekend!

I’m super tired and have an important appointment tomorrow so I will make this short!

Food for thought:

Breakfast: Egg white omelette + fit and active cheddar 1 tablespoon + Ezekiel Bread + 2/3 Tablespoon peanut butter + fruit salad


Lunch: Skinny “Pizza” + Side salad + sweet potato “chips- homemade and pretty decent


After workout snack: 1 medium banana + 2/3 tablespoon almond butter + 1/2 teaspoon honey- dipped and frozen


Dinner: 4 oz baked tilapia + cheesy mashed broccoli + cauliflower + small salad



Food today was all simple and not so bad. When I am not falling on my face I will post about my “chips”.

Exercise for Life:

Walking: 45 Minute- 2 walks- 3.75 miles

Zumba: 3 short videos = 15 minutes

I smashed that goal of getting in a 3 mile walk on my own. Boom!

Ladies and gents- goodnight!



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