Emotional Eating

One of my biggest bad habits is Emotional Eating. I could eat myself to death with my emotions. Emotional eating is something I have to be constantly on the lookout for.

 I have an actual pattern when I’m stressed. I usually have a sleepless night, followed by a calm before the storm, then all I want to do is EAT EAT EAT, and then sometimes my stomach is so overwhelmed by stress and food that I get sick.



I am SO bloody stressed today. I have an important thing this afternoon and my body isn’t handling it well. When asked what my body feels like during an episode, it’s like you ate way too many sugars and carbs and your body is crashing. You can feel jittery, shaky and on edge. There’s an umcomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach that demands to be fed and will not be ignored.

I almost slipped right back into a vicious cycle today. I woke super early, like before the sun is up early. I sat in bed for a long time and tried to mentally chill myself out. In all honesty this isn’t something I need to get overly worked up about. It’s not like the world is ending. When i was calm and rational I ate a normal breakfast. Even still you can tell my monster was creeping back. I ate so fast that I didn’t even log my calories or take a picture. Not a huge loss on the picture because it was a normal every day breakfast. Egg whites, toast and fruit. I also ate about 2 or 3 hours earlier than normal, so that sent my body into a tail spin.

I almost slipped again just now.

Our meeting is right in the middle of my normal lunch and afternoon snack times! We’d already decided to grab a bite after the meal as it should be closer to dinner by then. But, I knew I would need something before. A mid morning/early afternoon snack! I opened my fridge and peered inside. I should mention beforehand that I share a fridge with my MIL, SIL, and hubster- so not all the food in there is mine. I’ve tried clearing out the crap but it always seems to come back. Anyhow the first things I saw upon opening the fridge was Domino’s pizza and left over French fries. Immediately my fingers itched to grab a slice and gobble it down like some half starved monster. Oh god. I closed the fridge and glanced towards my fruit bowl. Propped up next to it were Dorito’s chips my MIL brought in. Why god, why?!


But ya know what? I took a step back and listened to my body. I gained control over myself. Knowing I would need something to tide me over and push me through I turned to a shake instead. As I’ve typed this post, I’ve sipped slowly on my shake. That shaky jittery feeling is lessening, my muscles are relaxing. I feel in control of myself. Im still a bit nervous and anxious, but it isn’t owning me now.


This is also pretty gosh darn helpful. Find what works for you and your body. Kick butt and stay focused. Anything worth having is never easy!

A big hello to all my new followers! I am so happy you all have decided to follow me on my journey! Once things are more chill around here I will take the time to visit you all and respond to comments and the like! Best of luck on your journey!


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