Monday Weigh In

 I honestly expected to weigh myself and see that I gained like 5 lbs. I ate SO badly this weekend!


There is one more weigh in before I leave for my cousin’s wedding! I won’t be able to log the one during the wedding as we will still be there and while I am all fitness loving, I don’t intend to drag my scale half way across the country. Maybe I can hunt one down while we are there. Guess we will see! Anyway.. on to the reason we are here!

Current Weight 242.5

Last Week Weight: 244

Down: 1.5 from last week.

I had really hoped to hit the 239 mark by the time we hit the wedding. I don’t think that willl happen, but I will damn sure try! I made a lot of mistakes when I first started this. I wasn’t eating enough and my body was storing it. I’m striving to eat more balanced meals. I still always have left over calories but I’m at least getting over the 1200 calorie mark now! The more I eat- and I should clarify- the healthier and more I eat, the more AI notice a change in weight.

Goals for this week:

– Get more miles in: On the weekends I am getting about 3.5 in with walks with Hubster. On my own I am only getting 1 or 2.

– Eat more balanced meals: Be this eat better or eat MORE. Striving for about 5 small meals a day.

– Work on a plan for weekends and hard times

That last one is my biggest worry right now. We will be travelling from May 23-29. I am getting antsy thinking about what and how I will eat and exercise on this. We are driving and the first leg of the drive to my Dad’s place is 21 hours. That’s baseline- no traffic, detours, or pit stops. I’m taking a laptop so I can do my Zumba and such once we are there. I guess I will have to settle for walking or weights in between. Food is going to be hell. We always just bought crap at stops along the way- coffee, cheeseburgers, fries, chips, candy. Oh god my body is shrivelling in protest. I am already planning on packing a cooler with water, and fruit. Perhaps I will have to drag some salad makings along. Oye.

So that begs the question: DO you lovely weight loss lovers travel? If so, how do you balance out being true to a healthy you and not starving yourself along the way? Any advice and tips is strongly welcomes here.


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