Fat AND Fashionable?

A few posts ago I had a pretty large melt down regarding dressing my body.

I’ve never been a fashionable person. I’ve tried and I always seem to just miss the lark. The stylish pants were too long, too short or too tight. The tops too skanky or too boxy. I long ago gave up being a fashion dive. Until I stumbled onto The Fat Girl’s Guide. I seriously LOVE this blog! I started reading a few days ago and fell in love with her fashion sense. If I had to paint a picture of what I WANT to dress like: she’s it. Hands friggin down. I’m totally fan girling!!! How are you so fierce?!

SO I felt inspired! My healthy eating got way off track. We had so many things to do this weekend.I had a normal egg whites and fruit breakfast. For lunch we went to our local Mexican place. I’ve read some horror stories about how bad these places can be to a healthy lifestyle. Amazingly someone clearly lives in my area and uses MyFitnessPal because there were a few listings! I ended up getting Chicken fajitas sans extras. They brought me extra lettuce and I pretty much made a salad. I realized afterwards they HAD a chicken fajitas salad that is 250 cal. So- pretty much the same. They were really good with humouring me. No added salt or extra oils.

After lunch we did some shopping, because ya know- stuff your gullet.. then stick myself into tiny clothes? Doy. Round one of shopping was a fail. We have a lawyer thing on Tuesday and I am supposed to dress business casual. That’s grand, except my old job was scrubs or casual attire. I haven’t had a job outside the home in 3 years so my business casual is yoga pants. Ahhhh. I pretty much hated everything.

I have a lot of issues with the way they make Plus Sized clothing.

Plus Sized Misconceptions:

1. The bigger you are the taller you must be: Wrong. I’m 5’3″ on a good day. I have short stubby bits and pieces. Almost everything I buy has to be fitted, so off the rack is a joke. Except for Kiyonna. I LOVE this brand because a lot of it fits by wide petite body! Downside? It’s hella expensive so that’s a pipe dream unless I get it from Gwynnie Bee!

2. All Plus Sized women have big tatas: Again, Wrong. My creator decided to play a little joke. Let’s make her petite AND fat. Oh and no matter how big she gets, let’s give her B’s. For real, I can never find tops that don’t make me lok like I have deflated balloons.

Also, why is it that clothes are either super young or super old looking. I don’t want to look like I’m 16, or 66. Rips, fades, sheer- UGH

But despite all this, there was a silver lining today. I found cute things. Torrid is currently having a 25% off sale on their dresses and jeans. Hallelujah! They can be a little spendy for my taste so I tend to just browse. Before round 2 of shopping started I was harping to the hubster on how I felt pretty dumpy lately. Even my unfashionable booteh knew I was in bad shape. I was sorting through clothes and planning what to pack for this wedding week. Aside from what I have planned for the wedding I was pretty low on clothes. I had a few decent t shirts, workout wear and a “decent” top or two. I haven’t bought cute clothes in over 5 years. My family has seen me in my duds countless times and it’s embarrassing to be like “HI, I lost all this weight and I’m still wearing this dumpy out of date shirt that is now too big..”. My husband is so good to be, truth be told. He spoils me rotten. We don’t have a lot of money but he would do anything to make me happy. We’ve been saving up for when we move out.. which is a whole other story. But he pulled some funds. I expected to maybe find a shirt or something. Torrid ended up being a treasure trove for me. I literally had to stop shopping. I wanted EVERYTHING. They didn’t have the jeans I had originally planned on! Somehow I got talked into skinny jeans. Hella what? I had this vision of trying to squeeze my butt into these torture devices. Nahhh. I LOVED them. They were the perfect length and even though I went up a size to feed my insane brain, They looked GOOD. When all was said and done I got 2 new pairs of yoga pants, a regular pair of jeans,. black skinny stiletto jeans, and shorts! I also apparently learned that I like skulls. I’m 26 and I like dark things so kiss mah butt ,, mm kay? I got this sick flowey blouse. It looks like a normal pattern but it’s skulls. Hubster insisted I get this Dia de los Muertes tee as well. It has a funny meaning to us and is a large step up from my normal plan ugly tees! Add 4 new camis and we can ALMOST call it a day! I finally bought some belts. If you are transitioning between sizes like I am hit Torrid up! I managed to get 3 belts for $13.50. They were 3 skinny belts that came in brown, black and braided gold. God bless sales, coupons and sign-up bonuses! I managed to walk out with a bundles for pennies. Squee!!

I will try to get some selfies up in my new duds as I wear them! We are headed out tonight to a friend’s show! We were bad friends and missed their first ever gig so we promised to go tonight. They don’t go on until midnight. I’m usually out cold by then so this should get interesting!! I’m rocking one of my new shirts and my cute new haircut. Yeahhhhh!

Oh and a miracle happened. My old bras fit again! I can wear bras. Do a happy dance!

ON the crap side of things- we ate with others for dinner and they ordered pizza. There was no easy way around it so I ate a slice and then came home and had a big salad. I feel hung over from bad for me food. Do y’all have this issue too? I feel like I have a fever and my stomach is upset. My body is apparently in rejection mode.

Hope you are having a good weekend! Stay focused!


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