Chub Rub and The Meal Plan

That sounds like some really weird band name. I dunno…

I wanted to talk a bit about something that tends to plague a lot of us big gals: Chub Rub.

At least that’s what I’ve always called it. You know when you get hot and sticky and you chafe yourself? Mmmhmm. That nasty little rub rash,  carpet burn, angry as all get out -skin?Chub Rub!

If I’m being totally honest I blame chub rub for why I started wearing boring clothes. I used to wear skirts, shorts and tank tops a lot. As I got bigger things started rubbing- skin to skin, skin to fabric. I used to get this really bad on my inner thighs. I would toss on a cute skirt and run out for the day. By the end of the day my inner thighs were either rubbed so badly I was bleeding and waddling, or I would have huge sores. This is SO painful and so embarrassing. Especially the sores, which can scar. I have a LOT of scaring on my inner legs and under my arms. So, I gave up skirts and shorts unless I was wearing something like leggings or tights with them. Because I changed my ways I haven’t had this issue in a while. Until a few months ago. I was spending a lot of time lounging so I unearthed some old tank tops. For some reason around the turn of the year I had a really bad case of chub rub. I’d been wearing tank tops under my sweaters and I think I just rubbed myself too badly. The issue became so bad it got infected. I had to go twice to a Doctor to have them drain my armpit. It was horrible. I remember laying on this tiny reclining chair that I swear was made for a twig and I sobbed my heart out. With little more than Lidocain numbing me,  they cut my arm open in 8 places and used their fingers to probe and drain. Let me put it this way, I’ve had kidney stones that I would rather pass again than go through this.

Most people don’t get it so badly, but I wanted to share a few things I’ve used to combat the more basic type which can result from your workouts!

1. Gold Bond: This is basically a “medicated” powder. Genberally the medication in it is considered menthoyl as it helps cool and soothe.

2. Baby powder: easy, cheap but hard to hide on dark clothing.

3. Lanacane Anti-chafing gel: even my husband uses this! it’s a gel that turns powdery and works pretty well

If you are worried about infection see a doctor immediately!!! After I sought treatment I used gauze to keep the area dry. I also purchased Hibiclens. I routinely wash the areas that I worry may become infected, with this wash. Anyway, this is what I have found works for me! Please seek a doctors advice before you try anything new! Also, if you have any ideas to combat this ouchie, lemme know!


Food for thought:

I feel like I did SO much better with my food today. I wasn’t having constant feelings of hunger! In fact I actually ate my meals later than normal because I just wasn’t hungry!

Breakfast: Pizza omelette! : 4 tablespoon egg whites, 2 teaspoons “sauce” (tomato paste, water, garlic powder), 2 tablespoons mozzarella cheese + 6 oz mixed fruit


Shake: “Apple Pie” shake: 1 cup 2% milk + 2 scoops protein powder + 1 tablespoon sugar free apple sauce + cinnamon

Lunch: 2 oz steamed chicken + 2 cups mixed greens + 1 tablespoon vinaigrette + dash of 2% fit & active cheddar + 1/4 cup roasted carrots


Dinner: 2.5 oz pork chop marinated (olive oil, lemon, pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic, rosemary) + asparagus + 1/2 cup plainly mashed potatoes + small side salad

Snacks: 4 reduced fat wheat thins, apple with peanut butter, and considering a peach frozen yogurt later!



I joined a virtual workout group! Monday and Wednesday are Zumba and Tuesday and Thursday are yoga. I haven’t decided if I will do the yoga. It only started this week so we had Zumba today instead of waiting!

I did 20 minutes of yoga using 3 shorter videos! I used my arm weights for 15 minutes. It’s amazing what weights will do! I tried them on a normally super easy set for me. I was sweating like a fiend and found it a bit more complicated! Always like increasing things!

I followed up with a short 10 minutes working with just the weights. I really like the weights I got. I actually snagged them at a thrift shop for $3! I can strap them to my arms, legs, or just hold them!


OH! I almost forgot! I took my wrap off my pooch. I actually saw a 2.5 difference from 2 measurement points (1.5, 1). I will report if there is any additional change after 72 hours. They say sometimes ya bloat in the first 24!


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