A Gremlin Ate my Sports Bra


I’ve noticed recently my stuff has a tendency to go missing. It’s really beginning to get on my nerves. I’m sure it’s not anyone’s fault and when we move into our apartment (hopefully this summer… please god. I hate waiting lists and other drama) we will find a pile of random things.

I’ve actually become convinced that a gremlin follows me around the country collecting my things. When I was a teen living with my parents I remember things would go missing all the time. Things that were rarely moved from their place and had no reason to go missing- my Social Security card..twice. My Mom’s emergency credit card. I read those back and it sounds like someone was trying to steal from us. Honestly though, things just went missing.. for YEARS. Sometimes we found them after, say, 5 years; sometimes not at all. Whenever something went missing and someone would exclaim,” where could it be!?”, we would chuckle and tell them it was in the gremlin’s treasure chest.

Now here, I swear the gremlin found me or there is a very annoying ghost. One day my blow dryer went missing for 2 weeks. I never took it out of the bathroom so for it to be missing was odd. All of a sudden it showed up. It was wedged between a wall and my suitcase. What.. the ..hell-o kitty? Even more odd? We had moved those suitcases when we originally looked for it. I’m also missing 3 earrings- 1 from 3 different sets- sets I never unpacked until last week. Oye. Now my sports bra and my socks have gone missing!!

I love this sports bra. I have a really hard time finding ANY type of bra so when I find something I love, I will keep it forever.  I have this sports bra that actually fits! I have a small chest but a wide under-bust. My sizing should put me at like a 46D but I definitely only have little B’s. Sorry over-share- but you get why I love my bra ha-ha. So I wore it yesterday, washed it and placed it out in my room to dry. I went to find it today and it was GONE. I didn’t move it. It wasn’t exactly in a place that hubster should need to have moved it.. and no one else comes in here that I know of. So.. where did it go? I also noticed my eye mask, and new head bands to hold my hair back are gone. Why is everything running away?!

Sorry this post really has nothing to do with weight loss but I had to share my crazy moment. More on actual stuff laters!


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