Say It Ain’t so..

So I’ve mentioned I’m not really seeing any scale changes this morning. This reminded me that I really needed to take my measurements! I was 3 days behind! I usually like to do measurements every 2 weeks or so.

I’m down 5.75 inches from 2 weeks ago! Holy cow! The downside? 2 of those are missing from my girls. Oh mah lawd, my boobies are shrinking! Guess what? I’m that fat chick who is still only a B cup. I don’t have no boobies to lose! *faints*

Anyway humour aside, I wanted to discuss a topic Emmie from recently brought up. She recently wrote about her struggles with overindulging. She’s an admitted over eater and I truly admire her strength. I really would recommend checking her out.

I too can understand the struggles of over eating. I honestly had no clue until I began to count calories how insanely out of hand I had become. For me it was normal to fill a plate and still want more. My brain had NO off switch. So when I began my life style changes I had to understand how to control this. A few things have really helped me along the way.

1. Understanding how many calories a real serving is: The shame and horror of realizing how out of control my portions were was almost enough to keep me in lime.. almost.

2. Cooking at home: One big change I’ve made is that I cook everything. I try to cook using fresh items and avoid processed foods. One thing I always see from other bloggers is pre cooking meals or making extras for other meals. If I did this I would eat myself to death. So when I cooking I make sure to make exactly one serving per person.

3. Trick yourself: When I do my own cooking I will often “trick” myself into thinking I have more than I do, or that I can have seconds. Tonight for example. I make skinny mini chicken parmesan. I used smaller breasts and then cut them in half. This meant everyone got “two”. It was still only actually one serving but I was able to trick myself into feeling like it was a whole lot more.

4. Eating out, not pigging out: Eating out is bumsville. I won’t even harp on how hard it is to find decent healthy food. Even healthier options or non- health conscious options can be WAY more than an actual portion size should be. When we eat out I always know I need to leave food on my plate. Emmie talks about it. It’s hard and it doesn’t always work. One thing I’ve tried, is asking for a to-go box when my food comes. Once I figure out a correct portion of food I will add the extra to the to-go box and stash it away. It helps. Taking the food away takes it off the plate and thus lessens the risk of ending up in my belly. Sometimes I don’t even take that extra bit home with me!

4. Family functions: They don’t have to be a maddening frenzy of over eating. I always try to keep water in my hand. Often our bodies with misinterpret thirst for hunger. I always drink a ton of water. When I make a plate- as these things tend to be buffet style- I try to wait till I’m one of the last people. By this point there are usually a good 10-15 people who have gone ahead of me. This means a lot of the food is depleted and there aren’t mountains for me to attack. Sometime I try 1 table spoon of each thing. Sometimes I choose 2 “bad items” I will allow myself a bit of and then I stick to veggies and meat.

Anyhow those are just some of my tips and tricks to keep from being a binger. They don’t always work, but I give it the old college try!

One thing I’ve learned from my changes is how long this has been an issue. I have this stark memory from my childhood. We are on the way to a family function and my mother turns to me in the car and tells me that I can have some snacks but I don’t need to pig out. I didn’t get it at the time. I thought she was just being mean. It wasn’t till years later when I look back and see me loading a snack plate 3, 4 5 times that I got it.


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