Weigh- In Monday

Roll Call!

244 lb.


Well.. not today but maybe someday!

I’m up 1.7 from my lowest weigh-in this week but I’m also carrying a LOT of water weight right now. Hopefully upping my water intake will help. I feel so bloated right now! Uch. My lowest weigh in before the bloat bomb was 242.3.

Here’s to a successful week to everyone! I did a little pre-planning this week!

– I presteamed a whole bunch of chicken breast pieces to add to salads for faster meal making.

– Actually made a bit of a dinner meal plan: 

  – Skinny Chicken Parm: Light sauce, un breaded chicken breast, splash mozzarella, pasta for the clan- big old salad

 – Trimmed beef roast: Slow cooked roast with herbs, and carrots, potatoes for the clan. Big salad

  – pork chops w baked apples, cauliflower & broccoli

– “Cheeseburger” casserole that GracegotHealthy posted a few weeks ago. She snagged it from Skinnytaste which is another fav recipe spot for me.

I’m still working on a few ideas. It is SO hard to cook for everyone- they ether can’t eat something for medical reasons or flat out HATE it. I love things like shrimp, rice, Spanish beans, lots of different sea-foods, and brisket. Not in this house. If I make anything of those it usually ends up being one or two people who won’t eat it. It’s hard. I have my own gripes. I hate olives, mushrooms and tomatoes. *Shudder* We are a house of picky eaters!



One thought on “Weigh- In Monday

  1. 186. 4 lbs lost, though 3 of those was water weight. Great that everyone is liking those recipes! I’ve been reading just not responding. I’m lazy lately with that 😦 I need to reinstall myfitnesspal. I have limited memory on my phone.

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