Happy dance

I accomplished my first mini goal!- If you read my previous post you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

Hubster and I decided to go out for a walk this afternoon. We were lucky today. What was slated as a dull rainy day ended up being pretty beautiful! Rain clouds gave way to a warm sun filled day! Yay! Instant mood booster. So, we walked!

We have a small mom and pop grocery store a few blocks from our house. We don’t go there often but if we are in a pinch it’s a goo place to go! I’ve been saying for a while now that I wish I could get there on my own. Most week days I am home alone or mostly alone. There usually is not a way for me to get around if I need something. Its a bummer. There have been dozens of times I wanted to make a dish but was missing some important ingredient. If only I had a way to get there….

Oh, wait.. I have LEGS! There is a great paved path that actually cuts through the neighbourhood. I had no idea it even existed! Hubster showed me the way and today we headed out. It’s funny now when I think back to all the times I had wished I could just walk there. It seemed so daunting. I clocked it with my pedometer. That whole nasty walk? It’s only half a mile one way. WHAT?! I’d been a big baby for nothing!

We got there and I was FINE. I wasn’t collapsing or anything totally nuts. in fact by the time we headed back we ended up adding an additional couple of blocks.  Our first walk today totalled in a mile and a half. We came back and aside from feeling a bit tired I felt GOOD!

We ended our evening with another bit of a trek brining today to 2.25 miles! Wooo

Food for life:

Breakfast: 1/2 thin sandwich thingy I bought at Aldi + egg substitute + sun-dried tomatoes + tiny bit of mozzarella + small apple + Tbsp peanut butter


Lunch: 4 oz. Mixed fruit + carrots (I’d nommed a few before I snagged a pic!) & guacamole + 4 oz sugar free skinny vanilla frozen yogurt + 2 tsp caramel topping + 2 Tbsp slivered almonds


Dinner: baked “breaded” catfish + broiled asparagus +  mixed greens salad


Dinner was day 2 of my salad bar salad. I am so happy we found a decent salad bar! They are always changing up with new things! We found out another local grocery had had one and it didn’t do well. I guess they didn’t have much of a selection. They ended up selling the whole thing to the grocer we just found! They just bought and picked up the whole thing! Thank goodness for that!

I did have m,y normal shake today as well as a few snack items. My MIL bought some “healthy” cookies. I tried one but it was not my thing. I also had some reduced fat wheat crackers with my lunch!

Overall a good day. I feel good. My body is happy. One of the biggest changes is my lack of feeling sick ALL the time. I used to constantly have stomach issues. I felt like there was always something wrong. I still battle pain in my body but it’s the good hard working kind now (and a little of the old injuries but whateverrrr) I haven’t had a true stomach issue in weeks now. It’s liberating!

Have you crushed any goals today?


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