Short term goals

We all have some sort of goal when it comes to our weight or health. Be it losing that last 20 lbs or just stayng motivated for more than a week.Me? I’ve got a mega goal. Get healthy and STAY that way. My weight is a number, a bonus, to getting to a better me,

My ultimate goal is dropping 135-140 lbs. It would put me at about 145-150. I want to get there and see what I can do. Sometimes those long term goals can be daunting. How am I EVER going to get there. Especially when we have set backs. For me, that certain time of the month is a monster. I have always retained insane amounts of water no matter what I do or take. Because of that this weekend has been tough and has me dreading my Monday Weigh-in. So far to go!

So I made myself a little list of short term goals. Things I want to accomplish here in the now.

Short Term Goals:

– Pass below 240

– Walk to the local grocery

– Complete my full Zumba time with my arm weights

–  Fit into a normal non plus sized store’s clothing

– Walk at least 10 miles a week

– Work up to jogging on my walks

Those are a few of the things I would love to be able to accomplish in the upcoming months. For a few I am really close. Mostly I just want to keep advancing and seeing improvement. I’ve been feeling discouraged. I’ve changed my eating habits and I exercise at least 6 days a week- trading off between cardio and strength. I’m not seeing the results I want to see.

I don’t know how to balance it all out. I eat far less and much more healthy. I still have treats now and again but not nearly to the extent I did in the past. I cut out carbonated drinks and mostly drink water and my hot tea in the morning. My calories are always within my limit for the day. According to MFP I exceed the expected daily exercise time and calories burnt. Yet I hover. I become so obsessed with no change that I drive myself insane. Small goals help.

Even simple things are victories. We went to the movies last night. Across the very large parking lot we met out friends for drinks. I didn’t drink and we parked behind the bar. We decided to see Iron Man 3 and opted to walk there. In the past this would have been hell. I would have been hot, sticky and out of breath. I made it with NO issues at all. Even something as STUPID as that helps me not lose hope.

How do you stay focused? Do you have long and short term goals?


2 thoughts on “Short term goals

  1. I’m currently at college and doing a decent job of staying fit. However, summer is coming up. My “long” term goal for summer is to lose 5 pounds and appreciate my body for all it can do (just taking it easy and enjoying time off).

    Also, small goals definitely help and I love that you’re Zumbaing to fitness!

  2. I think you said it right in the first paragraph, focus on health and the weight is a bonus. So if youre not seeing the results just know your being a healthier person and thats what really matters 🙂

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