Thursday: It’s my weekend!

Hello weight loss lovers!

mood: happy

I’m in a really good mood today. I feel like I am overflowing with energy tonight! I’ll try and keep this short and sweet!

Food for thought:

Breakfast: egg substitute + mini sweet pepper + spinach + 4 medium strawberries + Ezekiel bread w/ 0.5 Tbsp peanut butter


Shake: Almond Milk + 2% milk + EAS 100% Whey Protein

Lunch: Small salad + stuffed bell pepper


Dinner: 4 oz sirloin trimmed + large salad (blueberries + sunflower seeds + mixed greens + spinach)


Snacks: 1. 1 Tbsp guacamole + 7 baby carrots 2.) Weight Watchers Frozen Yogurt Bar- Peach

I had a total butter fingers day. I made my lunch salad and waited while my stuffed pepper heated up. I soon realized it would take far to long in the oven. Shortly after I took the lunch picture I was transferring my pepper to the microwave… and I DROPPED IT!!!! I had this slow-motion “NOOOOOO”. There are 3 cats in the house- NO WAY was I eating that! But.. it was my lunch!!! I ended up being horrible and eating the non floor half. I was pretty sad about it though 😦

I wanted frozen yogurt SO bad tonight. The cool place was closed so we decided to check our local grocery. Hubster picked out his in about 2 minutes. I stood there and agonized over 10 different products for about 20 minutes. I got the Weight Watchers brand. They gave the most, for the least bad stuff. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t totally bad I guess.

Overall this week has been weird with food. I didn’t cook a whole lot so I ate too much salad. I need some new dinner and lunch ideas!

Exercise for Life:

Walking: 30 minutes. I FINALLY made it outside today and ventured around the neighbourhood on my own! It was so easy I was almost embarrassed I waited so long. The crisp air made it a lot easier too!

Zumba: 20 minutes moderate to intense Zumba.

Hubster has tomorrow off so this is our start to the weekend. We are expecting rain but hopefully we can get outside a bit tomorrow at least. I am so full of energy I practically bounce off the walls. Amazingly my sugar, carb and fat intake for today were all below the allotted daily values! I used less than 40% of my carbs and fats for the day. I was surprised to see my sugars were under. It is SO hard to avoid those


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