Staying active


Yesterday I harped a lot about not wanting to work out. Two of my biggest hurdles is pain and boredom. I love repetitive meals because I tend to know what I like- I really only experiment during the dinner time. Exercise if a whole other ballgame.

When I started on this journey 1/4 mile had me panting and complaining. In FL we joined a gym that I went to about 5 times. In NC there was this great walking trail. They had converted an old school into an elderly facility and the surrounding yard into 2 tracks and open field. I loved walking there. Even still- my husband would walk 2-3 loops and I would want to die halfway. When we first moved to MN I was still woefully lazy. We would go to the zoo and I would sit at every available spot. We would go to the park and I once accused him of trying to kill me and dump my body in the woods. We walked the neighborhood and my back and hips hurt so bad I would be slowed to a crawl.

It took me a really long time  to work up to where I am now- even still I am always progressing. I don’t do everything I do from on-line links, but I figured I would share some of the ones I do. or did.

Zumba with Sunshine: I found these in the beginning. I  was hoping to find something that someone as big as me could do without literally dropping dead. My sister is really into Zumba. In the past few years she’s dropped to a size 6 and she got healthy.I wanted to try it after she invited an instructor to a party a few years ago. I did a lot of on-line research. Sunshine’s videos are for big girls so you won’t feel totally awkward. I still do these sometimes if I need a quick fix on a busy day. I try to beef them up if they start to feel easy- adding weights or extra intensity or moves!

VIDEO 1: Quick 4 minute video to Born This Way. I usually use this with some stretches to make it a full 5-10 minute. It’s pretty basic and beginner.

VIDEO 2: Slightly longer 9 minute- The routine itself is only 8 minutes but I like to march in place or stretch while I wait for it to start.


Zumba with Linda Edler: I actually chose this initially because I liked the tracks she used. When I finish this I am usually swimming in sweat. I like her attitude and energy. I use the beginner video in particular but she offers a few other solo videos as well. You can find them: -HERE- & -HERE-

I like Zumba, a lot. It let’s me move and have fun doing something I used to love. I danced for 13 years- ballet, tap, jazz, and a smidgen of hip hop- so I find this a lot of fun!

To keep from getting bored I have a bookmarks folder. I call it my “Get off your ass” folder. Any time I find something I like it goes there. I keep videos, links, tutorials and inspirational tid bits.

Walking: Keeping up with my husband is enough to keep me at a brisk pace. My natural pace is about 2.5 MPH. His is about 3-3.5. On weekends when we go out I get  my brisk paces in. When I’m on my own I try to mix things up. If it’s nice I might trek around the neighborhood. When it’s yucky out, as it has been lately, I might stick to my room.

I find it easiest to do when I’m keeping my mind on something else. If I watch TV at all it is usually the next day on my PC. I try not to sit for them anymore! One easy way to get your heart rate up, and your steps in is intervals. I will alternate between 30 seconds jogging in place and 90 seconds of walking at a moderate to brisk pace for 15 minutes. During commercials or ads I sprint down the hall and back. I think my family and neighbours probably think I am completely mad!

Whatever I choose to do, my goal is just to stay active. If i break a sweat and get my heart rate up- it’s a yay moment. I try for at  least 30 minutes a day; I consider this progress.

In terms of a schedule- I’m still working on figuring mine out. I don’t have days off. Maybe when I’m closer to my goal I may have them but not right now.  I try for cardio every day- even if it’s only a quick 5-10 minute burst. on strength training days. I’m really trying to up the strength training portion of my workouts. I do this at least 3 times a week. For strength I don’t have many things to offer. I’m still finding what is right for me!

DO you use any special videos or tutorials? Do you have any good tips or ideas? Feel free to share them below! I am always learning



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