Moody Blues

I am in a pisser of a mood today. It’s just one of those days I guess. I feel a mixture or annoyance, anger, frustration and tired. Nothing is pleasing me. Yet oddly, nothing has been bad or gone horribly wrong either.

It’s that time of the month I guess. Sorry boys. TMI.

I guess I feel a lot of confusion. Things are changing.

Food for the day:

1. Breakfast: Egg substitute omelette + spinach + mini red sweet pepper + medium pear + glass chocolate almond milk 193 cal


2. Afternoon shake: EAS 100% whey protein + 6 oz 2% milk + 1 oz chocolate almond milk 162 cal

3. Lunch: 1/2 cup angel hair pasts + Laughing Cow Mozzarella with sun-dried tomato & basil + water + mini sweet pepper + 1 clove garlic  + less than 1 oz chicken + Spinach 317 cal


4. Dinner: 2/3 small chicken breast steamed w/ water & Tabasco +  salad- chick peas, blueberries, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, home made vinaigrette + steamed spinach 393 cal


The biggest thing I’ve learned lately is I am fine with the same meals over and over. Some of my experiments lately have been a little icky! Did not love the chicken for dinner but oh well! I was bad and had pasta today. But, I did do so in mess than the actual serving size! I also loaded it full of yummy things to keep it filling. Normally around this time I would be demanding chocolate bars and salt and vinegar chips. I’m trying to work around the cravings. It’s hard.

Oh by the way, for reference to the sizing: I use dessert plates for anything plated and small Tupperware or child sized bowls!

Exercise was my biggest stumble today. I had planned to go for a walk around the neighborhood but it was drizzly, cloudy and overall yucky. (Of course now it’s nice out!)

I couldn’t set up in the living-room either because my SIL was vegged out watch the real bitch wives. Sorry, I hate those shows! I stuck to the small space in the room and did the best I could!

Exercise of the day!:

Walking: 20 minutes total alternating between 30 seconds of brisk jogging/high stepping and 90 seconds of moderate walking/marching.

I hate that “moderate pace” crap. I’m 5’3″. A brisk pace for me is about 3 miles per hour. That next to my 5’11” Hubster usually leaves me scrambling to keep up. I take small steps for goodness sake but i break a sweat and get winded!

Zumba: 15 minutes of medium intensity dance. I did 2 short routines from sunshine’s youtube page i mentioned previously

Housework: I’m including this. Spring has got me busting to freshen things up. I lifted a lot of heavy items from my closet today to reorganize our storage a bit. I also spent a long time scrubbing down the germy bathroom. Did dishes twice, scrubbed out the drawers in the fridge and finally finished my backlog of folding laundry. Oh and I cooked a huge stirfry dinner for MIL and Hubster. SIL opted for chicken bacon pizza. sigh.

I had a really hard time with my exercise today. After about 12 minutes of my alternated walking I wanted to call it a day. My body is tired, the cruddy weather makes my joints achy and I just didn’t WANT to. But ya know what? I did! I sat there for a few minutes telling myself it wouldn’t matter is I just sat around today. Then I really looked at myself. If I gave in to all my “I dun wanna”‘s I wouldn’t succeed. Yes days off are good and necessary but this wasn’t a break day this was pure laziness. I dragged myself up and did another 8 minute walk routine. When I was done I felt a little better about myself. I really wanted to call it quits then. Then I let myself have pasta. I wanted it and rather than denying myself I did it in moderation. I could have continues to sit on my butt and feel guilty but I did Zumba instead. I didn’t do my insane routines but I did 2 moderate ones! Then all that cleaning I mentioned. It was a struggle I wanted to give in so so badly. I’m really proud I didn’t let myself totally slip.

Get ready body, tomorrow it’s back to kicking butt!

Looks like no fun walks for a while. The weather is supposed to be CRAPPY the next 5 days or so. I’m talking rain and snow showers in the 40’s! SNOW… in MAY. Whyyyyy


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