Day’s Progress

Today was a bit of a roller coaster day. We’ve talked about accountability but I wanted to share the yummy meals I had today!

Breakfast: 3 medium strawberries +  Oolong Tea unsweetened + I slice Ezekiel Bread with half Laughing Cow Mozzarella Sun-dried Tomato & Basil wedge + egg substitute omelette with spinach & the remaining Laughing cow = 178 cal


Lunch: Small Salad with mixed greens & one teaspoon home-made vinaigrette + 13 baby carrot sticks + 1 tablespoon guacamole + white tuna in water, drained & 1 tsp guacamole. (NOTE: Maybe I didn’t use enough, maybe I didn’t put other flavors but the tuna mixture looked and tasted as gross as it probably sounds. I had high hopes but really I just shovelled it in to get it over with. Gahhhh) 321 cal


Dinner: Mixed Greens & Spinach salad + chick peas +  plain sunflower seeds & pine nuts + 1/2 cup blueberries + 1.5 oz chicken breast plain + home made dressing. 448 cal

I didn’t get a picture of this one. The cats were swarming the scent of chicken. Half way though my meal I got up to get something and dumped my salad bowl on the floor. Butter fingers that I am. Hubby was having a steak tonight so he offered me 2 oz of his. That was included in the above caloric count and it was probably lower cal than shown as I never did get to eat the rest. Major bumsville because this salad was awesome and filling!

I did some interesting shopping this weekend. One of my biggest set-backs in when I miss something from my fatty days. We used to eat at Einstein Bros Bagels many a weekend. I used to order an asiago bagel or green chile bagel with sun-dried tomato and basil schmear.  One asiago + the schmear = 440 cal alone. I sometimes  ordered two. Mannnn…. So, I looked for the lesser evil I guess we could call it. That one wedge of Laughing Cow tastes so much like the schmear and it’s only 35 cal. Pretty much all the nutritional info on it is better too! The Ezekiel bread is no doughy bagel but it is filling and it is yummy so I can accept that. Another noticeable change is my omelette making. Before I never paid attention to how much butter I used. Okay, I admit I still use a teeny weenie bit of real butter. Have you ever tried making an omelette on a mediocre pan with margarine, which BTW is filled with crap usually? I use butter for now. I would guess I probably used at least a tablespoon or two before, now I use a sliver equal to a quarter tablespoon. I also used unsalted now

I am also really glad to see a little bit more agreement when it comes to nightly meals! They had originally suggested gnocchi with brown butter sauce. I spent a small portion of this afternoon trying to figure out how I  could make that even remotely healthy. Luckily MIL wasn’t interested in having it either and suggested salad with lots of yummy things! I swear I could eat salad all day all the time!

I did have a bit of a booboo moment this morning. As I stated above the breakfast is about 178 cal. Shortly after breakfast I decided to do some Calisthenics. I was still feeling pretty pumped after 10 minutes and segued into my Zumba routine. At the end of 20 minutes of Zumba I was buzzing. I realized I had burned way more calories than I had taken in. I was a sweaty mess or tired. I crashed pretty hard. Protein Shake time!

Image I love my Blender Bottle. If you actually look closely I was wanting some flavor power so I added a bit of my sugar free peach jello. It didn’t turn liquid like I had figured. If you’ve ever had bubble tea this is what it felt like in texture. It was super yummy and added some interest. Not bad overall!

Today’s Exercise:

10 minutes Calisthenics

20 minutes Zumba- High impact

15 minutes of bustling around cleaning.

I generally only include cleaning when I break a sweat. Changing sheets on a Queen sized bed against a wall when you are 5’3″ is like a marathon! Plus everything else I did. I didn’t count any of my steps or walking today but we took a stroll around cool Wal-mart as well. I figured since I included cleaning as exercise I would only include one!

See you tomorrow! OHHH! I wanted to say a quick thank you to my new followers and those who have been liking my posts! You rock and I promise to visit you all soon! Big thanks to Grace from! I am a huge fan and was glad to see you are feeling better! I was super excited that you decided to follow me! Fan girl moment!

Okay! Bye for real this time! Seriously… get off your butt and do something!


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