Seriously. One of the biggest challanges I find for me is following through on weigh-ins! I weigh myself every day. I know this is a compulsive habit. Ideally I would like to do weigh-ins once a week. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I sort of just let it slip on by.

Here’s my confession to you all. If I don’t like the number, I will avoid posting it. I do this a lot. Sometimes I will see an increase that has me stomping my foot in frustration. Of course this also has to do with the whole weighing myself every morning. Our bodies fluctuate a lot during the day. I also need to accept that a half a pound difference is NOT the end of the world.

So this is a call to arms ladies and gents! Accountable Mondays! Monday is pretty much the anti-christ day of the week, but hey let’s make it a little more hellish! Who’s with me!?

I’ll start this off right:

Starting Weight: 285

Today’s Weight: 243

Both these numbers are a really bit punch in the gut to me. Every stop on the scale is a nightmare. Just seeing this I know I can’t give up. To day I have lost 42lbs. In terms of body change- this is an ever evolving monster. The biggest things I’ve noticed is that my hips are slimmer and my stomach is slowly deflating. I no longer look like I’m 7 months pregnant. Yeah buddy! So please, if you happen to read this and notice me shying away from weigh ins kick my butt. comment, email, message me! No more denial!

If you really want to make a little supportive team I am on both Lose It and MyfitnessPal as Jcanaday86! Right now my only friend is my SIL so .. yeah.. friend me? (insert puppy eyes here)

In holding myself accountable I did not blog last night! I didn’t fall of the wagon though! Actually yesterday was a pretty good day. I’ll do a little fill in!

Breakfast: Rice Chex + 1/2 cup skim milk + 2 large strawberries sliced

Lunch: 1 Tbs Wholly Guacamole + 10 carrots  + 2 slices of Ezekiel low Sodium bread + 1 Laughing Cow Mozzarella Sun-dried Tomato wedge

Dinner: Big ol’ mixed veggie salad ( spinach, mixed greens, broccoli, bean sprouts, red bell pepper strips, shredded carrots,  and a table spoon of shredded cheddar) + 2.5 oz. Rotisserie Chicken breast skin removed + splash of my home make dressing and tabasco. Warm belly!

Dessert: I dont ever have dessert but Oh man.

If you live in the Saint Pail/Minneapolis area high-tail it to Freestyle Yogurt.

08red-400x600 (This isn’t mine. I found it from their site to give you an idea of what I am talking about!)

Last night I was SO cranky- that’s partially why i didn’t blog). It was so warm and muggy that Hub finally packed me up in the car like a little kid and drove for a while.  The fatty in me wanted ice cream SO badly. I looked up Dary Queen just to see. The Blizzard I always got? Over 400 calories and over 30g of sugar. Holy buckets. No thanks. I was thinking maybe I would try one of the frozen Greek yogurts at the grocery, but honestly I was a little bummed over it. Enter Freestyle Yogurt. We were around HarMar in Roseville and Hub pointed it out and asked if I was interested. Ding ding ding!!! We went in and they are a self serve place with TONS of options from insane to healthy. They had nutritional info on their wall! Their website has LOTS of information too! You can check it out –HERE-. Anyway, I ended up getting the skinny vanilla. Even still I went really light on what I put in my cup. I topped it off with slivered almonds. At the last second I added a teaspoon of caramel sauce just to be insane. Once you’ve filled your cup you go up to the weigh station. You can pay the 45 cents per weigh or take a chance at spinning their wheel. The wheel has lots of price options below and above the set price range. Of course my hubster HAD to spin. I was convinced we’d be paying the super high price . Round and round the wheel went. Finally it stopped… on.. FREE. Oh man. This meant we got one of the cups for free. When all was said and done We paid only $3! How can you beat that?! Even better? The whole snack was only 150 calories and less than 7 grams of sugar! I think I liked it even more than my Dairy Queen stuff. Overall I was super happy!

The rest of yesterday was pretty nice. It was a little rainy off and on but nothing terrible. Hub wanted to visit a store that had a bass guitar he wanted to look at and fiddle around with a bit. It was SO hot in the store I was actually getting sick. It was 74 degrees out and they had the heat on. Jayzus. I decided I would take my chances outside. I ended up walking around. First I looped the building and he still wasn’t done. I decided to get a little walking in while I waited. I ended up walking all over the place. I got a mile in! When I finally got back to the store Hub was standing outside wondering where the heck I had been. OOPS. Who would have ever though I would actually ENJOY walking so much that I lost track of time?! Not me- but that is exactly what happened!

That’s all for now! More later on my daily check in! Remember: accountability! Hold yourself responsible to sticking to those goals and weigh ins! And feel free to kick my butt if I don’t! Hasta luego!


4 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. I will for sure do weigh ins with you. We are having a contest at work and have to do weigh INS on Mondays anyway. I was off yesterday, so I’m doing my weigh in today. I’ll post my weigh in on here with you.
    That yogurt looks sooo yummy!
    Your doing good Jess, keep up the good work!!

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