It works!- Or does it?

Last night we went to that wrap party I mentioned previously. The product is called “It Works”. It’s basically a line of items to remove the toxins from your body. They have a pretty large range of products. Most popular are the wraps themselves but they are not the only things sold. You can get anything from herbal Anti-Stress formulas to joint support. They have items for anti ageing, skin care and a whole array of supplements and  nutritional boosters. It’s a lot to take in. It’s also pretty spendy- at least for me.

The packages cost a pretty penny by through a dealer you can buy single wraps at a time. I had originally gone with the intent of doing my arms. Ya know, clip my wings? Those awesome flabby curtains I call arms. ICK. Before going the recommend things like ex-foliating, drinking half your body weight in water and all sorts of things. I usually drink a lot of water anyway but half my weight. That’s about a little over 15 glasses. Oh mama! Hellloooo potty runs.

We got the sales pitch and I discovered that you could cut this any way you liked and use it on various body parts. After reading things over I decided to give it a go but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do my arms. I saw I could do my chin. Oh yeah- say goodbye to droopy chin flab! I had planned to buy just the neck one until I fully understood how it worked. $10 for a neck or $30 for a full. With the neck they cut a portion off and give that to you. With the full..well clearly you get the whole thing! I pitched the $30 for the whole thing. I figured if this actually works I can try other parts or do the neck again!

The recommend things like taking measurements and pictures for reference. I take bi-weekly measurements anyhow so this was no big thang. My neck is one of the only areas I haven’t seen any progress so it’s easy to remember! Then came the picture. I hate pictures. I tend to avoid camera because really who wants to step out of denial to see what a blog you’ve become?

Ya’ll ready for this? Behold my slope. I don’t have a neck. From the front it looks so different. The side is a horror story!



So.. you are supposed to pretty much drink a ton of water and then put this “wrap” on. Guess what folks? Sometimes they don’t want to stay on! DO you kn ow what they use?! Plastic wrap. yeah.. plastic wrap.


So sexy. Meoooow. I am the instant life and comic relief of the party.

The recommend you leave it on for 45 minutes or longer. So for 2 hours I sat with plastic wrap around my head- in front of a bunch of people I’d just met for the first time. I have no shame. All I can say is this better work!

One you are thoroughly wrapped up in silliness they encourage you to drink more water. Once you take it off you may see results. There is sometimes bloating in the are in the first 24 hours and by 72 you can try again or you may see results. So far I have seen a half inch INCREASE in my beck. I’m going to hope that’s the toxic releasing bloat. Please oh please!

I have a ton of pictures to share including my SIL’s before pictures and some after shots. I will share those after the 72 hours and give my rating on this!


More later on the meal plan for the day!


One thought on “It works!- Or does it?

  1. You do look marvelous with that plastic wrap on your head! You make chin wraps sexy! My friend Amy thought you were pretty funny and would be fun to hang with.

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