You Play, You Pay

Today was a mixture of awesomeness and epic failures.

It was the first actual Spring day we’ve had. It hit 65! Off went the heat, open came the windows and at 8:30 AM I was chomping at the bit to go to the park!

I started off my morning with oatmeal + 1/3 cups of cranberries and fresh blueberries. I normally prefer something the the items I’ve spoken of before but I decided to branch out.


It looked SO yummy. I couldn’t even finish half of it. It was only one serving and I got SO fully I swear it kept expanding in my stomach with every bite. I quit halfway through thinking maybe I would nibble on it as I got ready.

We decided to hit this great park near us. There was not a cloud in the sky today! Everything is still a sickly winterized brown but it usually perks up fast here. I hope the last of this nasty winter is truly gone.I took my handy dandy pedometer with me. We walked a small portion of the park- about a mile and it was downhill, uphill and flat terrain. I got a mix of everything. I have to say this was a really proud moment for me. We tried walking this last year and I was so fat and so lazy that a quarter of the way through I had a full on asthma attack. I was wheezing so bad I was convinced I would die. Not only did I make it the whole first part of the walk, I made it UP the hill with only being slightly winded and by the time we hit flat terrain I was fine.

I only had one issue with the whole time: my shoes. I usually wear wide shoes. I’ve always bad big fat feet- it’s a family thing. My dad calls our feet Flinstone feet. Apparently from weight loss and water weight my walking shoes are actually a little loose! Who knew? Not my until I got what can only be described as carpet burn from my socks. Owwie!!! We actually headed off to buy me some new socks after our walk! *facepalm*

Being on the go I didn’t think to bring my protein shake with me for my after workout yummies. I was STARVING. We  were already pretty far from home so we decided to brave eating lunch out. We his one of our usual haunts with out favourite waitress Molly. She is so great! I ordered a small Aztec Chicken Salad. It’s 1/4 grilled chicken sprinkled in cayenne over a bed of lettuce. It’s got black beans, tortilla  strips, red bell pepper strips and a chipotle dressing. I ended up getting the dressing on the side and pulling off the tortilla strips. No need for those. I used about a teaspoon and a half of the actual dressing. I decided to go over the deep end and order some Clam Chowder. It’s SOOO bad but their make it fresh daily and it is chalk full of fresh veggies.  To give an idea- this plate was about 1.5 cup of lettuce


Right after we ordered I had something really strange happen. I went off to the rest room to wash my hands, while I was in there I suddenly felt like I had gotten punched in the chest. I had this pain but it wasn’t my heart. It was so hard to explain. I felt horribly nauseated and I panicked a bit. This really didn’t help because when I panic I tend to get shaky and sweaty. So not hot. I came out and told my husband that I didn’t want to alarm him but something was wrong. (Some how I’m always conscious of others even when I may be about to drop dead) My mom had died of a Pulmonary Embolism. This was the first thing that flashed through my mind. See? Panic.

After his heart attack Hub had to take classes. He was checking my heart rate and a few other things while trying not to call too much attention to me. I told him that if he needed to call an ambulance I was appreciate it if I could move somewhere where I wouldn’t been in plain view of everyone. You know, that whole “fat lady having a heart attack” thing. UGH. Luckily though this was my body being totally STUPID.

I have an issue with my diaphragm. Sometimes it clenches when I get a bad case of acid reflux. I realized I had forgotten to take ANYTHING this morning before we marched all over the place, Combine that with a small but dense breakfast and my body decided to get very Diva on me and say “Helllls NO”. I took an Antacid and pretty much prayed. Within a few minutes of this and my water I was totally fine. I’ve never had anything that bad happen before and I’ve had some pretty nasty tummy issues. It was really scary at the time but I felt like a total ASS afterwards. SO stupid.

I relaxed for a while to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious. I even popped an aspirin just to be safe. In all the insanity I only at my salad and a bit of my soup before I gave in.

In totally I walked about 2 miles today. We went everywhere and really enjoyed a gorgeous day. Around dinner time I was craving fish. We are landlocked so seafood isn’t a normal thing to find easily. We still haven’t hit the grocery store so I knew we would have to eat out again. Ugh. It is SOOO hard. I try to stick to grilled and steamed items but I was SO not having another salad. While we were driving around we noticed a new to us crab shack. IN central MN? suuuure. We decided to take a leap of faith. More like a leap of a steep rock covered cliff.

We sat down and I really almost fell out of the booth on the prices. First of all the menu options were VERY limited. The healthy choice was limited to salmon and steamed broccoli. I figured the salmon, but they were out.Ugh. I ended up getting coconut shrimp. I know-crap choice. But hear me out. My item was one of the only things that was under $20. Their menu mostly consisted of these giant platters that started at $25-$44. WTF!!!. This wasn’t a fancy place. It was a bib wearing, loud music playing, “here’s a roll of paper towels to clean your hands” type of place. So I got the friggin shrimp.


Welcome to my fried hell. I ended up peeling the coating off the shrimp. I tossed the coleslaw and sauce. So I ate my plain soggy shrimp and one fry. Just one. I got to say I ate some fries. haa. Our waiter looked like Apolo Ohno and was WAY too obnoxious for my taste. He wasn’t really good at his job and he cracked too many stupid borderline rude jokes for my taste. Being a tool doth not will me over. My stomach is already rebelling on this one. It was a bad day in the fatty world. I don’t even want to weigh in tomorrow… but I will.


Do you have splurge days?




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