Damage Control

After yesterday’s fall of the wagon- Okay really I fell off and then burned the wagon- I weighed in.

244 lbs. So I gained a pound. Let that be a lesson, self. Have some willpower! I am back on the straight and narrow this morning. Egg scramble and Ezekiel for the win. It’s a really low cal meal, even with fruit. With a paid it’s 222 cal. It keeps me full and happy.

I decided to go a little low key this morning – 10 minute Zumba with Sunshine. She was a huge help in making me get off my butt. I started researching “big girl Zumba”. The real classes were too long and too hard for someone who had been as sedentary as me. Her spirit is pretty awesome. She’s got a different Youtube page now but this is one of the ones with her original videos. She’s pretty awesome. The actual video is only 10 minutes long with 2 minutes of chat. The workout is only 8 minutes but I usually begin with some warm up marching and shimmies before I even start the video and most often I keep dancing for a few afterwards. It’s light and simple for someone who needs to start small. I’ve advanced past this now but when I want a low cardio day with the plans in strength training I at least try to get one or two of these short ones in!

Now, lets talk about something pretty common in over-weight folks. Exercise induced Acid Reflux or Exercise Induced heartburn. I am one of these people. It doesn’t really matter what I’ve eaten or when I eat in respect to when I work out. I’ve tried working out before meals, hours after meals, eating light meals or liquids. Nada really stops it. When I was really active my doctor had me on  pills to help. None of them really did it for me. He recommended I take a simple antacid before I pumped it up. Another suggestion he gave me was adding a tiny bit of Baking Soda to my  Liter of water I usually keep with me on workouts. This worked like a charm. I have to be careful about most antacids because they contain calcium which causes me kidney stones. As someone who has had no less than 15 visits to a hospital and one actual hospitalization over them I try to avoid triggers. The tiny bit of baking soda with my big old water bottle is like an instant soother. You do need to be careful though if you are trying to keep low sodium. This does add some to your diet.

Also I am NOT a Doctor so PLEASE speak with a professional if you have this issue. I am in no way trying to treat or diagnose you. You may have some serious medical issues or reactions so please be safe! I simply wanted to share what works for me and let you know you are not alone!

With that said one of the reasons this happens is from shaking and jiggling of the gut. This can cause a backward flow of those gastric juices. Oh the things I learned while in nursing school. EW. Consider low impact exercises for a while. And guess what?- It is estimated that about 13% of athletes have some form of reflux issue so it’s not just you. Seek help from a medical professional but don’t lose hope!


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