Bouncing Back

Yesterday was hard for me. SO many things went wrong that I could have easily reverted to my old ways and saw it as a sign to quit. I didn’t though. I had to take a deep breath and realize I am not perfect. It’s hard to have a bad day.I also have to realize that when i totally limit myself I set myself up for failure. I feel like even though I took a step in the wrong direction I did a few things right.

I didn’t let myself go overboard: I was able to enjoy something I really wanted. I did so by removing unnecessary things and eating less of it!

Today was great. We started out with a yummy breakfast I mentioned in my last post. We had some errands to run and it was so pretty outside. One of the hardest times for me is the weekend. My husband works 10 hour days during the week so we don’t really get to do much on weeknights because he is usually dead on his feet by the time he comes home… 10 hours on your feet working machines ALL day plus a 45 minute drive to and from work- ick! Weekends mean we get everything done: groceries, errands, fun time, whatever.

We had driven out into the tiny town my MIL works in so there were not a lot of options for lunch ideas. We knew we were headed to do some grocery shopping and that we had to have lunch before hand. It’s so hard to find something affordable and healthy sometimes. Especially when you are in a small town with nothing more than fast food and coffee shops. We found a place that made sandwiches. I hate places like this because I tend to go a little insane when asking for what I want. Their selection was pretty small and I was getting a little panicky. Luckily My Fitness Pal had this place listed- it was this or McAtery Clogger’s. The people here were pretty good and humored my requests. They had a shaved turkey sub with lettuce, cucumber slices, avocado, prevalone, tomatoes and Mayo. It was pretty much the only thing that did not include breading, frying, bacon or just something I wouldn’t even want to eat. I asked to have the Mayo, tomatoes (ewwww, i hates) and cheese removed. They put the avocado on the inside of the meat and added tons of lettuce for me. I was able to hollow out the bread. . When I was done nit picking and torturing it to death it was only 140 cal. I’d reduced the sodium by about 3/4. I could deal with that! Even still, I only ate about half- I was totally full. I notice that my appetite is slowly starting to shrink! Wee!

By the time we finished running all over and grabbing some goodies I was raring to go again! Hubby decided to take me to the Science Museum of Minnesota! I was a little more spendy than I wanted but it turned out the be a lot of fun. We visited 3 levels full of fun play things and Dino Bones! It’s totally hands on which I found really cool. We were good people and used the stairs a lot. My legs are going to kill me tomorrow!

On the way home we passed by this super huge version of our tiny grocery store. We decided to stop in and I ended up finding an awesome salad bar. $5.29 per Lb. They had premade salads and then a station to build your own. I ended up making my own. The selection of items was fresh and plentiful. I ended up FILLING this monsster container. I figured it would be over a lb.. maybe. Turns out that sucker was .66 lbs. it only cost me $3.49! THREE..FORTY..NINE! Holy buckets!!! This thing is at least 3 meals worth and I got not only spinach and 2 lettuce mixes, but broccoli, carrots, chick peas, bean sprouts, and red bell pepper strips! squeeee!

In general I eat a lot of salads so this was awesome for me I usually end up spending about $15-20 on stuff for my salads- not including dressing. Sometimes more if I can’t find everything I want. This will usually last me about 5-6 meals depending. In all it costs about $3 per salad meal that way. If I did this salad bar 3 times a week getting what I got today it would cost me about… $10.50. That would make me roughly 6 larger salads and 3 smaller salads costing about $1.16 each. Holy savings bomb! I make my own dressings because store bought is so awful usually! Savings for the win!

My SIL invited my MIL and me to a Body Wrap party tonight. Apparently they claim to easy away cellulite and shrink stuff. I know it’s a scam and I knoooow It won’t work but I agreed to go. I’m more going for the time out with other females. We moved to MN a year ago. Since I left PA3 years ago I haven’t had a boat load of female friends. When I left PA to go to FL we had Hub’s friends and their female halves. I loved them. Plus my BFF Ang was only a short 45 min flight away so I even got to see her. My Mom’s side of the family all lived about 45 minutes away too so I had a great deal of support. After Hub lost his job we couldn’t afford where we lived so we moved to NC where his Father had just moved. He was renovating a house his new wife had inherited and needed a LOT of help. Living there in a cute tiny town was pretty neat. I brought me even closer to Ang but we didn’t know a single soul otherwise. It was a town full of more old than young people and they had that whole Anti Northern vibe. Living there didn’t work out long, jobs were scarce and Hub’s dad is NOT the easiest man to live with. We didn’t get along. His religion and family values really clashes with how I was raised and it just didn’t work. We were very grateful that they gave us a home when we needed it. My family is scattered and my father is in the process of moving so we decided to relocate to Hubs old stomping grounds. His siblings, mom and the like are all here or close by. His mother offered us a home while we got back on our feet. So as you can see- I’ve moved 3 times in 3 years. I don’t have any friends near me unless you count my female family. I’m really excited to get out tonight! I even made sure to leave myself some free calories incase she has snacks. There are supposed to be some healthy goodies as this is for looking and feeling good!

Anyway, that was more long winded than I had planned! If they will allow me to take pictures I will post some next time! Either way I’ll give you an update- I figure if anyone is interested in firming your skin and this actually works I may as well share!

Sorry no pics tonight I was just way too busy! Until tomorrow


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