That Moment..

I had this gleeful and really immature moment today. I decided to share it because I have found a lot of people still struggle from High School bullying horrors.

When I was in school I had it double hard. Not only was I one of the few bigger girls at my school, I was also the only Hispanic one.

Example: When I first moved to PA I made a friend named Danielle. She invited me over after school one day. Apparently her ignorant mother just assumed I was a migrant worker’s child. She tried to convince Danielle to not invite me over, but Dani insisted. Imagine her surprise when my mother showed up to take me home that evening. Mommy showed up in a nice car and a power suit from her high executive job. 


Oddly enough despite both of these things I was never hounded by bullies. There were a few. Occasionally I would walk down the hall and hear someone snicker “thunnnder thighs”. For the most part I ignored it- this happened maybe once every few months. There was one kid as time went on who was pretty rude. He would often make comments about how jiggly I was or something equally dumb.

OKay Cue to today. Sometimes I still wander around Facebook to see what old HS folk are up to. I stumbled upon my old nemesis. HE. IS. FAT. I know it’s not nice and it sinks me right down to his level but I had a really long chuckle. As I scanned over pictures of his wobbly alcohol filled belly and double chin- I FINALLY let go of some dark shadow deep inside me. I don’t think I even knew it was there to be honest. He never crossed my mind over the years, but I guess his taunts were always ijn the back of my head. This perfect person could be just as imperfect as I’ve felt my entire like.



No changes in weight or measurements today. We will see how things go. Weekends are the hardest for me



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