Day 2: Struggles

I think the hardest part of getting healthy is my lack of a support system. I’m basically doing this alone. There is no cheering squad or anyone to hold me accountable except for ME.

Earlier this week I had a discussion with both my MIL and SIL. I explained why it was SO important for me to have healthy meals and snacks. We discussed ideas and even planned to have prep days and to make our own seasoning mixes for easier use. I was super excited that we seemed to have finally crossed the boxed food hurdle.

This morning started off slow because my SIL was making her breakfast and she tends to puttz in the kitchen. Soon I smelled the unmistakable smell of.. BACON. I wandered out, sure I was wrong. Low and behold SIL was making not one but two back egg and cheese sandwiches. I actually had to leave the room because even the smell makes me a little sick to my stomach now. Even when I get a craving for something totally off the books I know from experience now it will mean hours of agony in my stomach. SO.. I waited.

Today I upped my walking to 1 1/4 miles. Not a huge leap but enough to have my legs burning a bit. I capped today off with reverse flyes, bicep curls, leg lifts, back kicks, crunches and high steps. In short I kicked my own booty today. I worked up an awesome sweat.

Today I finally remembered to take some pictures of things!

I forgot my breakfast. I was too freaked out by all the bacon grease to make my brain work. I ended up having:

Egg white omelette + spinach + Ezekiel Bread + Peanut butter + Medium Pear

This is actually a pretty standard breakfast for me. Occasionally I will splurge with a half slice of cheese or have some oatmeal instead. I’m coming up to the end of my week so grocery shopping is needed! You might notice I eat a LOT of spinach. I tend to be anaemic- the type where you can take real gold jewellery and use them to draw black marks all over my face and hands. I find eating a bit of spinach each day keeps that in check. So there ya go!

For lunch I had: 2.5 oz steamed spicy chicken + 2 cups Spinach + a balsamic dressing I make and keep on hand. One tablespoon or less does the trick most days!


This is a basic look at what I use to whip up my daily meal. I use about 1/2 tsp of: Honey (I just have this old jar shown but I use a locally sourced honey), peanut butter, and optional Golden’s brown mustard. 1 teaspoon of Organic coconut oil, and one Tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar.. Toss in the micro for 30 seconds or until oil melts whisk and put in the fridge until everything is ready to go. It thickens up really nice and has a sweet tangy flavour. A little goes a long way here so you will often have extra!


After my mid afternoon workouts I like to toss together a protein shake. I love EAS. I’ve tried others but I like the flavor and the way it works with a ton of different flavour profiles.


I almost always have some sort of 2 % milk with the EAS Whey Protein. Today I have something of an Almond Joy. I added a teaspoon of Swiss Miss Powder left over from the fatty winter + a drop of Along Extract. A drop is ALL you need. I got this awesome Blender Bottle at Walmart last week. I just toss it all in and shake. A snack and arm exercises! Wooo! Oh! Be sure to toss the powders in LAST. I found the get stuck at the bottom otherwise and the ball whisk can not scrap the chalky bit out!

After I was all tired and clean from my walk and shower I drank about half the shake. At this point my MIL was home from work and was snacking on a big sugar covered doughnut. So much for that healthy life style. Sigggghhh.

I talked to my other SIL this weekend. She’s been trying to get healthier as well. One of the issues she’s had from her weight loss + child bearing + yoyo dieting is saggy skin. She invited me to a body wrap party. I’m not going to hold my breath but I agreed to go with her. What do I have to lose, other than maybe an inch or two? I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes- HA-HA.

Dinner this evening was a bit of a collaboration. I found a really low sugar real fruit marmalade recently and I have been dying to try it on something. I found a recipe on the Cooking Light website. I adapted it a bit to suit my tastes- more ginger, no salt, low sugar jam, water and lemon instead of wine. I cooked that up with some broccoli. My MIL had been wanting cornbread stuffing. This was my super splurge of the evening. I rationed it out to a half cup serving for myself. The fun part was instead of using as much jam, I added fresh plums for some flavour and juices! SO yummy! about 450 cal


The pork was SO juicy and basically that came from the it’s own juices, the plums and the water/lemon mix.

In total today I am 862 cal under my daily limit. Included in that are 2 snacks: Apple slices, sugar free peach Jello. I’m not sure I even want any of those so I may just remove it from my list!

Sorry that my pictures suck. These are on my handy dandy android.

I’ve been making a list of topics I’m hoping to cover. Is there anything you’d all like to talk about?

Keep moving ya’ll!


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