A Day in my life: Take 1

Two posts in one day! *gasp*

I wanted to give a little view of the small changes I have been doing for the past several weeks!

Before I really started remaking myself this was a snippet of my day:

Wake up>

Either skip breakfast or eat a huge fatty bacon, egg and cheese omelette>

watch tv>

Make lunch(sodium filled soup)>

watch more TV or sign into Second Life>

Maybe clean a bit>

Make dinner ( hamburger helper or something equally gross (usually double or triple what i should have been eating)>

read in bed>

make a high fat/carb late-night snack>

take a sleeping pill.

As you can see it was pretty pathetic. I didn’t even include my endless trips to the kitchen to stare blankly at a full fridge that i swore had NOTHING to eat. Nothing easy or fatty that is. I was having a LOT of issues with bloat, breakouts and my hair started to thin. While I didn’t stop doing personal hygiene I did stretch my days out. If I showered I didn’t worry about anything beyond putting on a new pair of pajama bottoms. I wasn’t going anywhere so who cared? This had to stop.

This is a day now. As you can see I have a lot of work to do. It’s a slow process. Slowed down even more b y injuries or aggravating injuries from my teen years. I spent a lot of time reading the blogs or sites of people like me. I saw them change and it helped. I learned about minimizing injuries and apps/sites/videos/forums that could help me stay focused. Admittedly I am someone who tends to fail when I don’t see immediate results. I have to break out of this cycle. Anyway.. my day! Here is an example of my day.

Wake Up & meal plan for the day!

Weigh in or Measurement Time!

Eat Breakfast (I’ll list some of my options below!)

Walk 1 Mile- It’s slow but I’m getting there!

Drink Protein Shake (Will share some ideas I use in another post!)

Pick one room or space a day to clean. Usually the kitchen- my domain!

Zumba- or strength train depending on the day

Lunch! (Ideas below!.. you get the drill)

Shower- I don’t work out of home so I can decide. I like to get all or most of my workout done first!

Chill time. Work on my other blog, check my second life store. TV time?

Dinner prep and cook in time for Hubby to get home!

Chatty time- This is where i overload my husband with thing’s I’ve done, seen or need. Run man run!

Fruity Snack attack!

Read & Bed

You can see some differences now I hope! I try to get off my booty a lot more than before- sometimes more than listed. Even when I’m watching TV (hey I need to have some fun time!) I try to march or dance in place. Sometimes I add leg lifts, resistance bands or crunches to TV time. This has been my style for the past few weeks now. A major improvement from either no movement except to walk towards food or wanting to shoot myself after 5 minutes of Zumba.

When I wake up I like to get a basic idea of what I plan to eat that day. I use MyfitnessPal.com and Loseit.com to track my calories and nutritional intake. If you want to follow along both are under Jcanaday86! I have both apps on my phone so I have constant on the go stats.I can’t fail because I don’t have the “I don’t know” excuse any more. I do find lose it a LOT easier to use, but MyFitnessPal has a lot more foods listed and more in-depth information like nutrients taken in>daily values> what you have left. I keep a pedometer on my phone which I usually keep in hand or in pocket to track my steps for the day.

The pedometer is NOT my friend. I walk and walk- heck I dance, skip,job,march, whatever and sometimes I swear I’m not getting anywhere. I’m not even close to the goal of 10,000 steps a day they say you should have. I blame this mostly on the small space I live in, the fact that I only get to leave on weekends and the insane weather here. I would LOVE to walk outside but just yesterday we had 5 inches of snow. It’s not safe out there. They say if you want it bad enough you will do anything? Clearly they never tried walking in sleet and blizzard conditions. I am improving though! Today I actually remembered to wear my pedometer for about 75% of my movement time! I also saw an increase of about 9% in my steps per mile!

Okay so a day in my food. I should have taken pictures of these but I forgot. Sorry! I will get better at this!

This is an example of my meals today. I will total basic calories at the end. I don’t eat the same thing every day obviously- I plan to include links, pictures and recipes as time goes on so this won’t be more than a basic outline of today!

Breakfast:  Scrambled egg whites with spinach and a smidge of garlic lime salsa + Ezekial Bread with Apple butter and peanut butter + One medium banana + Decaf hot tea = 257 cal

Protein Snack: EAS 100% Whey Protein Vanilla + One cup 2% Milk + less than one teaspoon of Swiss Miss cocoa powder and almond extract 290 cal

Lunch: Spinach salad + steamed chicken breast with Cayenne pepper + Sweet pepper strips + Variation of my go to dressing (I will share a few I make sometime!- I’m still adapting them) 269 cal (give or take as I only used 3/4 of the dressing I’d figured on)

Dinner: Baked “blackened” catfish + Steamed mixed veggies + 1 servig of sweet potato fries (splurge. eek!) 222 cal

Planned snack for this evening: Sugar free peach Jello with fresh blueberries about 60 cal

Total for today: 1098 calories. I’m allotted 1780 from Loseit and MyFitnessPal currently which drops as I improve. I set myself at a realistic 1 lb a week loss. I have a lot of improvements to make and I’m still learning to play around with what keeps me fullest longest.

I am currently under my Fat,  cholesterol, sodium, and carbs by half or more! My good fats are in a happy place and the kicker is my sodium is less than 40% of the recommended daily intake for women. I avoid salt at all costs but quite often it is hidden. I mean heck it’s even in my fresh sweet peppers. You do what you can.

The work continues.

PS. Weigh in today was 245 lbs. That’s another 5 shaved off! woohoo




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